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Today’s 7000 Dollar Impulse Purchase

Today I signed up for Martha Beck’s life coach training program starting in June. It costs $7000. It’s going to rock. And I’ll be knocking off a HUGE personal goal of mine on The List of Adventure.

To the untrained eye, this might sound absurd.

7000 dollars?! Imagine how many meals you could buy with that! That’s as much as a 70″ LED TV! Think of all the shoes and purses that would buy!

Although it is a lot of money, I’m totally fine with the purchase because I’m spending it on something that matters: my personal development.

My yoga teacher training was a similar experience. I went in one day to talk to the program director, knew it would be awesome and threw $3000 on a credit card. The training has paid for itself many times over already.

When I look back at my spending over the past couple of years, a majority of my purchases were on experiences and learning. I don’t value having things, I value doing things.

I rarely go out to eat, I don’t drink coffee, I get all of my media from the library, and I can’t remember the last time I went out to a movie.

I bought less than 5 articles of clothing in 2011. This was one of them.

I don’t pay for travel.  I use sites like this.

And I eat healthy and regularly exercise so my health expenses every year are essential nothing.

Yes, I dropped seven grand today on a life coaching program, but I’ll recoup the investment over and over and over again. So in my mind it was a steal.

P.S. – Thanks to Jenny and Nathan for helping me jump off the cliff today.

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