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Fuck You Spiritual People For Using Gratitude As A Bypass To Your Anger

Fuck You Spiritual People

Note: This post first appeared on my Facebook page.

Liz and I just played a game after breakfast.

I like playing games. It’s my zone of genius. Creating games that take people into their next layer of depth without them even knowing it.

She was furious at her Wild Soul tank top manufacturer since they’ve delayed the order by months and then shipped them to the wrong address. The whole process has been a clusterfuck.

I told her, “Hey, let’s play a game.”

I want you to say, “Fuck… then whatever you’re mad at.”

I started.

“Fuck Best Buy and their store hours, making me come back today after wasting an hour there trying to buy a fucking iPhone 6.”

“Fuck this tank top manufacturer…”

“Fuck working so hard all the time, can’t I just win at life now and call it quits?”

“Fuck doing anything that doesn’t feel good.”

We expressed and expressed and expressed our anger at everything and everything. Even towards each other.

“Fuck you for being cheap.”

“Fuck you for buying organic everything. That shit’s like twice as expensive.”

“Fuck you for being so perfect and fucking me all the time. You’ve raised the bar to an unreasonable level. No human being can live up to this standard.”

Sometimes we laughed after finishing a sentence. Sometimes I felt a release in my body after saying something that I had been bottling up. And sometimes the sentence that came out of my mouth was so ridiculous, I thought, “Really?! A piece of me actually thinks that?”

At one point Liz expressed anger towards someone special in her life, then she said, but “I’m grateful for…”

I cut her off and said, “Wrong game.”

Then I said, “Fuck you spiritual people for using gratitude as a bypass to your anger.”

We looked at each other with a nod.

Liz said, “you better write that one down.”

So I just did.


After posting the status above on my wall in the morning, people started jumped in left and right with their own fucks.

Some posts made me laugh. Some made me cry. Some made me feel happy that someone thousands of miles away got to take a weight off of their chest.

I jumped back in later in the afternoon because I realized that I wasn’t fresh out of fucks yet.

“But wait! There’s more!

  • Fuck the rich white men who are raping the planet in their rush for lining their pockets with more and more and more.
  • Fuck all my teachers (Martha Beck, David Deida, Laura Hames Franklin, etc) for pulling me onto this spiritual path. Because now there is no turning back to my old life, even if it sucked and I was in pain all the time. Arrrrgh. Motherfucker!
  • Fuck men for not stepping up. I want to shake most of you. Do you know how magnificent your lives could be with the smallest tweaks? It breaks my fucking heart.
  • Fuck Monsanto. Fuck Koch Industries. Fuck Philip Morris. Fuck any company that puts profits over people and over the environment. You stupid retarded motherfuckers. Don’t you see you’re just causing more suffering in the world?
  • Fuck religion. Fuck religion and the separation that it’s causing in the world. Fuck it for completely setting me up for failure in life. Fuck it for making me feel guilty to be a motherfucking human being. All paths lead to Rome you stupid fucks.
  • Fuck this laptop. I want to be fucking and dancing and climbing on trees and walking by the beach. Not looking at this hunk of glass, metal, and plastic.
  • Fuck everything about food in this country. Everything is a chemical shitstorm.
  • Fuck me for playing small still. There are so many areas that I can be playing 100x bigger still. But I’m afraid no one will love me anymore.”

And then I unleashed a whole new set of fucks a couple of hours later.

“I can Fuck all day and night…

  • Fuck people who prey on the weak to make a living.
  • Fuck marketers who sell shitty products with slick sales letters or get people signed up on shitty continuity programs.
  • Fuck The 4 Hour Work Week. Tim Ferriss doesn’t work four hours a week. Working four hours a week is just about the worst goal to strive for when starting a company.
  • Fuck people who exaggerate results to sell products and services.
  • Fuck The American Dream.
  • Fuck waiting for my mom to die to share my heart.
  • Fuck sitting.
  • Fuck high fructose corn syrup.
  • Fuck inefficiency in large corporations and the government.
  • Fuck Montana and Wyoming for being so beautiful.
  • Fuck clutter.
  • Fuck your art. Not the art that you share, but the art that you hide from the world because you think it’s not good enough. That’s a lie that you’re telling yourself to keep playing small.
  • Fuck trying to outsource and automate every single thing in your life. Are you just going to sit all day and do nothing like the humans did in WALL-E or Idiocracy?
  • Fuck anyone who thinks they can be an asshole or stop contributing to society because they “earned it.”
  • Fuck me for ever blaming anybody but myself for the levels of success, happiness, sex, or money that I allow into my life. I’m only a victim when I choose to be.
  • Fuck you for watching and not playing along. Life is not a spectator sport motherfucker.”

I sent another set of fucks to a friend who I’m doing a daily journaling practice with.

I gave Liz some more fucks throughout the day and in between coaching calls. Fucks with our clothes on.

“Fuck you for smelling so delicious all the time!”

“Fuck you for being able to handle anything that I throw at you.”

Then as the day came to a close, I felt a space in my body that wasn’t there before.

Because it was all full of fucks earlier.

And now I had zero fucks to give.

As it should be.


PS – Enjoyed this article? You’ll love the follow-up I wrote called What To Do When Everybody Hates You And You Want To Die.

PPS – What are you bottling up? Feel free to play along with us or in the comments below. The prompt is: “Fuck… whatever you’re mad at.”

PPPS – You can also play this game in your men’s group, with your coach, with your partner, or alone in your journal. Get that shit out of your body!

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  • Mitzi

    Fuck almost 100% of what you already fucked in the list above! Fuck this idea that I have to show that I’m content with myself by being content with myself. Fuck it because I want a boyfriend. I want a fucking awesome, perfect boyfriend. Fuck having to do all the shit I hate fucking doing and fuck the fact that it could be good for me. Fuck wanting more money. Fuck being broke. Fuck the emotional cripples. Fuck EQ! Fuck the rain. Fuck the winter. Fuck being broke, did I say that already! Fuck being broke, fuck being broke, fuck being broke!!! Fuck part time, Fuck “coaching is difficult to market”. Fuck a bazillion fucking coaching programs to market, sell, make enticing, build my list, attract my ideal client, fucking bullshit! Fuck doing it anybody else’s way but mine. Fuck the technology learning curve that I just want to fucking hire someone else to do! Fuck everything that I have to do that I don’t absolutely love doing! Fuck Halloween. Fuck being almost 50, well… almost 49. Fuck size 14. Fuck a double chin. Fuck contractors that don’t do shit you payed them to do. Fuck companies that you hire to do shit that don’t read you fucking emails or do the shit you payed them to do! Fuck having to repeat yourself over and over because people fucking engage and hear what you fucking say the first time! Fuck people who just don’t get it and keep shoving red dye #40 in their kids pie wholes! Fuck cancer. Fuck lethargy. Fuck desiring to nap on the couch for two days straight and binge on Lord of The Rings! Fuck hating that I do it! Fuck stacking wood. Fuck being alone. Fuck a industry that says I can earn up to 6 figures. Fuck that I don’t. That I live a poverty level. Fuck that my daughter has to pay income taxes on her scholarships that exceed her tuition because fucking living expenses do not count! Fuck being afraid that I will always be broke. Fuck being afraid!! Fuck dreading the possibility of another no show workshop. Fuck invalid. Fuck vacations. Fuck places I long to experience.
    Well, that’s a good start. Whew!

    • Linda C. Robinson

      I’m with you Mitzi. FUCK THAT! :)

    • Susee

      add most of yours to mine Mitzi …

    • VioletFlame

      Hi Mitzi, thanks so much for sharing all of your feelings. It touched me deeply…your deep hurt and pain underneath the anger. Stay with the feeling. Follow the feeling. It will lead you eventually home to you. There is no other, only you, your soul, your power, your being, you as creator of your life. Your Love will heal all within you. Forgive yourself. Accept the shame and guilt you feel and forgive yourself. You are unique and precious to this creation. The world would not be whole without you in it. However you have created your life to be now, you can uncreate it and recreate it the way you want it to be. You are not powerless. You may have parts within you who have experienced victimhood either now or earlier in your life and those parts also need your acceptance and Love to heal but you are not a victim as a whole, unless you choose to be. Your choice, your thoughts and intentions determine your actions that create your life. All of it starts and ends with you. When you allow possibility to change enter your awareness consciously, you will begin to dream again and dreaming is the beginning of all creation. Dream big and with feeling. You yourself are in Spirit a large powerful being of Light. See clearly the you you wish to be, the way you wish to live, the way you wish to look and feel and draw that feeling more and more into every moment of your waking day. Consistency is key here, because energy knows no time, it is only now. Always now, this moment. Here. Not past pain or future hope. Now. Your mind follows your intention. But it bases its projections on past experience. If you your past experience has been painful and full of lack, then this is what your mind will project forward, this is what enters your thoughts. To change/reprogram your mind, you must feel, act, think, intend and speak the way you wish to truly be, every day as consistently as possible (without beating yourself up or judging yourself if you slip up) for at least 3 weeks (21 days). It takes 21 days for the mind to be reprogrammed toward your new you. This work must be done by you. No one else can heal you. Only you. All solutions are within you now. All power is in your heart. You are not alone. You are part of a vast universe of life and potential but here on Earth, you live in the illusion of separation and because of it, all choice must come from you alone. This Earth is a school for Gods. Here we learn to create and to create wisely by falling over and getting back up many many times. Be good and gentle with yourself. Lovingly release all self-judgement, self-loathing, shame, guilt, fear, frustration. All are only small parts of your personality that have come to hurt over the years of life in this school. They are not who you are. You are pure consciousness having a human experience in the flesh. What you make of it, is entirely up to you. I hope this is helpful. Sending you much Love and blessings from ever-listening Spirit. :)

      • Mike Hrostoski

        “This Earth is a school for Gods.”

        So beautiful. :)

        • Amelia

          Great quote.

        • Caili’n

          Mike at first I thought it was a horrible post but as I read a big smile hit my face as I realized what a healthy clearing this is. I am a healer so careful with anger but it is so good to acknowledge it :) It seems lately that so many things have fucked me off because of my lack of boundaries so now will have a good go at releasing and see if that improves :)
          Thanks for having the courage to share. Awesome!

        • Vinnie

          Look at what Osho has to say about the many uses of the word ‘Fuck’ … quite funny..

      • Dave

        Fuck this perfectionist crap, Violet. Be real.

      • Rowena Starling

        Fuck All that Violet.

      • Chrystaroth

        ‘What you make of it is entirely up to you’ !!!???? Is this for real? Fuck this shallow, patroniding, unempathetic, cloud-cuckoo land bullshit. It is so unspiritual it’s not real! Kind of psychopathic in it’s light-filled denial too.. while the world is so full of unchoisen, undeserved and inescapable suffering. Sickeningly glib, sugar-coated ignorance! But light and love to you (and a good dose of enlightening darkness too)!

      • Lila

        Fuck all people who feel authorized to give advice to another who has just showed their vulnerable side, without asking anyone for advice. Fuck the fact that I do it all the time!!

      • Emma

        Fuck you, Violet. Fuck your gargantuan missing of the point here. Fuck pseudo spiritual fuckheads.

    • Mark Morillo

      Fuck the endless sea of misinformation that’s impossible to navigate with certainty.

      Fuck people who posted here without saying “fuck”. Seriously? Fuck you.

      Fuck the assholes of the Russian and USA governments who sunk tons of money, time and human suffering into researching consciousness studies and quantum physics for the purpose of militarization instead of helping the world to be a better place. You are pure fucking evil!

      Fuck people who put “master healer” on their business cards when the REAL masters didn’t need to print that shit up on fucking business cards! – They just were.

      Fuck people who claim they want to change the world and then separate themselves with bullshit titles and acronyms to claim authority over the common person.

      Fuck the educational system and fuck higher education too. Fuck exclusive rights to knowledge, all together.

      Fuck state governments for regulating energy healing. It’s a fucking natural ability of all people and the very act of regulation is just making it more fucking exclusive and expensive to learn, practice and share.

      Fuck people asking me “so what are you?”, “what do you call yourself?”, & “who did you learn from?” when I’m promoting my healing practice. I am what I am and fuck having to label myself to market myself. I’m just trying to help people for fuck’s sake. Fuck this whole capitalist bullshit!

      Fuck healing modalities for being just as divisive and elitist as religions have been for thousands of years.

      Fuck people who claim their healing method is better because it’s new – there’s always something new! And fuck people who claim their healing method is better because it’s more ancient!

      Fuck New Agers and fuck me too!

    • Caili’n

      Ha ha. This made me laugh. I realized I have a few fucks of my own that I may deliver to my grandson when he returns :)

  • Jason Connell

    Mike, this is an insanely useful practice. I just spent 20 minutes saying “fuck you” to a whole host of things I didn’t realize were pissing me off in life and feel way lighter, way clearer. Thank you!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, I realizing now that it might not be the best thing to do in public. In a men’s group, with a coach, or journaling is probably best. Glad it helped you though.

      But whoa… lots of heat on the comments thread. Honestly didn’t expect that.

      • Susee

        when you alight peoples anger there is a certain loss of control methinks … your intention was amazingly good and it worked for me … nothing personal was taken … a vent is a vent is a vent … the vacuum can now be filled with love and helpful thoughts … kindness … This feels good rather than pretend I’m not angry but hate screaming shouting … thank you thank you thank you …

        • James

          Fuck the over usage of ellipses.

  • Julio Andrade

    I really need this:

    Fuck being scared

    Fuck Kind bars

    Fuck gluten-free

    Fuck corn

    Fuck sugar

    Fuck waiting for the love

    Fuck Phil Drolet and Mike Slavin for loving me so much that I have no choice but to move forward

    – started crying here –

    Fuck taking a shower all the time

    Fuck making 3 different dinner meals for family every night

    Fuck doing laundry

    Fuck car maintenance

    Fuck wide feet

    Fuck the shoe manufacturers for not making cool shoes for me

    Fuck stretching

    Fuck situps and crunches, give me a fucking rock solid body already!

    Fuck 30 days to pay an invoice

    Fuck projects

    Fuck products

    Fuck selling

    Fuck socks for always sliding down

    Fuck glasses! Really, seriously!

    Fuck the contact lens manufacturers for not making lens for my eyes

    Fuck having to explain myself, just take it for what it is

    Fuck the broken hearts of days long gone

    Fuck getting it right the first time

    Fuck budgets

    Fuck mortgages

    Fuck rent

    Fuck health insurance

    • nill

      fuck life?

    • aaal

      don’t fucking suffer doing exercise!
      find a sport that you enjoy!!!!!
      if you don’t know what to do, go for yoga :)

    • DM

      You made me laugh… thanks…fuck wide feet!!!

  • alex

    fuck your use of the word “retarded”

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Nice catch. I don’t use the word retarded in my daily vernacular as it’s pretty offensive.

      Consider this blog post as looking into the deepest behind the scenes of my psyche. Like you were a fly on the wall in my therapist’s office.

      I’m not really afraid of what people think about me, hence my willingness to share it online. It’s a pretty fun way to live.

      In regards to language, in the safe space of being in a workshop or working with a coach or therapist, when I really tap into my anger I’ve said all sorts of violent, nasty things. Cunt, faggot, asshole, fucking piece of shit, worthless coward. I’ll scream out things like, “I’ll kill you motherfucker!”

      But does it make more sense to keep that repressed anger trapped in your body where it will somaticize into anxiety, shortness of breath, cancer, or an ulcer?

      I’m no doctor, but all I know it that it sure feels good being me. For a long time it didn’t.

      And that’s the only measure that I use to determine how “successful I am.”

      Thank you though. Great feedback and another awareness check in for me. I appreciate the note.

      • Just Another Cray-Cray

        Actually, did you know there is an association for those with special needs called the National Association for Retarded Citizens, later shortened to ARC – Association for Retarded Children? It has become a faux pas in this “PC” world but it’s not truly derogatory because if you look up the medical meaning it’s very precise to what a person’s issue is about. Just saying. I don’t like the word either but a lot of times the loudest criticism comes from those who it never applies too. Another example, it’s improper to call “African Americans” Negroes, yet there is a United Negro Foundation for school scholarships, run by and provided specifically for those of the “African American” decent.

        • guest

          The Arc of Rensselaer County in New York has done away with all that…ARC became Arc – an arc that covers advocacy, community and resources. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

        • Mika

          Fuck over sensitive people who just has to pick up on each and every word a person says and are way to over sensitive to see it in its context. If you had eyes too actually see with it’s quite obvious he’s not out to pick on or degrade any group of people!

          • Cyrano

            Mika gets my vote for top comment. Words like “moron” don’t get flack and they are older terms that relate to the developmentally challenged. And “retard” (unlike moron) has another more primitive meaning: slow. Let us all think before we fire up the ole internets.

          • TheMaverickk

            Not to mention how about terms like ‘lame’ and ‘dumb’.

            Both started as terms for other medical conditions such as the inability to walk or move, or the inability to speak.

            It’s always angered me that people hate seeing the word ‘retard’ used in a negative fashion, but on the flip side those same people throw out words like “lame” and “dumb” like they were going out of style as if they are fair use.

            Meanwhile i have friends who are in wheel chairs paralyzed from the waist down (with the actual condition that would be ‘lame’… keeping in mind this is STILL the number one definition for the word). Technically they should be insulted to hear the term lame thrown out in a negative manner… considering that despite their inability to walk they are still incredibly capable and the farthest thing from being ‘lame’.

            People out there are retarded though (and I actually mean this in the sincerest use, which is that people out there are slow to figure this out) and don’t realize that language changes, and that many of the words they use, or think are fair use probably are just as offensive as the words that they are offended by.

            I mean even look at the word ‘fuck’. Fuck is a slang term for ‘fornicate’. The act of having sex. The use of the word fuck as a negative and turning something that should be a positive into a negative. Mind you the vulgarity of the word fuck has changed extensively over the last 20 years. Where we are now more offended by the mis-use of words like ‘depression’, ‘retard’ and ‘rape’ (again another word that people seem to think is exclusive to only the sexual act, but in the past had a more general application in reference to the act of plundering, violent seizure, or abuse. Also despoliation and violation in general)

            It’s frustrating the level of effort people put into trying to find something to be offended about. Fuck people who feel the need to find offense in everything and simultaneously create the most negative atmosphere one could ever hope to live in. Where you feel like shit for everything you do. Afraid to speak casually at the fear of saying something that offends someone and then having them hate you for it. Honestly I found it funny that they mention how ‘religion’ makes people feel guilty. Mind you I think that’s just society in general. People like to make other people feel guilty whenever they can, over whatever they can find, cause making people feel guilty is the way that people hold power over each other, and to look down on others and feel superior to them. Despite this though, I like to believe in some good in human kind.

          • Zog

            it also has the connotation of not being in time – e.g. ritardando from music, or retarding the timing on an engine…

          • Kirsten Dieker-Meehan

            “Idiot” also. Few know that many of these words now denoting “stupid person” were historically medical terms designating degrees of “retardedness.”

          • M.

            To say you misspelled, “to” too* punctuates exactly what you’re saying…Grammar police, take note. That being said, yours, Mika, was the first post I read. I’m guessing that the article has elicited some….unfavourable reviews. I loved it! There was one fuck in particular that really struck home with me as a budding jewelry artist.
            Fuck your art. Not the art that you share, but the art that you hide from the world because you think it’s not good enough. That’s a lie that you’re telling yourself to keep playing small.

            Wow! that hit home. Thank you. ~ M.

          • Susie

            THE point is this: The word retarded is no longer used by decent civilized people ONCE they are educated to the fact that it is OFTEN quite painful to those with a mental handicap. Why would you fight for the right to hurt a group of people such as this?

            I used to have the habit of saying, “That’s retarded!”…until a friend of mine told me a story of her niece. You could not tell by the look of her that she had a mental handicap, and once they were in a restaurant and she refused to put her shoes back on, and caused a huge scene. The other people in the restaurant were shocked and very judgmental as to why this grown woman was acting in such a way. Their comments were loud enough to be heard…and they were not kind. They didn’t understand her circumstances. They didn’t understand how their behavior hurt her…and again, why would we rally for the right to hurt these people? Why would we insult those you advocate for them?

            My friend told me that when her niece heard people say, “that’s so retarded”, she would hang her head in sadness. She couldn’t be persuaded to see that they didn’t mean her…that they really would never say that to hurt her. She was bright enough to know when they said, “that’s so retarded…ha ha ha” …that the word “retarded” meant stupid, dumb, idiot, a screw-up, a lost cause. One time she finally said, “That’s what I am. That means people think I’m stupid. I am stupid.”

            You might as well say, “Fuck you if you have a mental handicap and I hurt your feelings! Fuck you if you have a loved one that I hurt! Fuck everyone who is appalled that I want to flaunt my right to hurt anyone I please…especially a gentle population such as this! FUCK kindness! FUCK being a decent human being! FUCK YOU ALL BECAUSE WHAT I EXPECT IS A LICENSE TO BE RUDE AND NOT CALLED OUT ON IT!”

            And I say, educate yourself, have a freaking heart, the new pc thing is to complain about being pc, and treat these individuals in the manner that you would want your children or siblings or parents…or any loved one to be treated. Empathy is a good thing.

            So Fuck closed-minded, stubborn people who proudly don’t give a fuck about others.

          • Lehua

            Suck it up.

        • Lyra Goldman

          Using retarded as a medical term, which is outdated at this point, to refer to a specific medical condition, and using it as a synonym for bad are two very different uses.

          • cityzenjane

            Fuck all y’all. My brother lives with the abuse heaped upon him every. single. day. By grown ass men.

            Try not to be such a crappy human while you are working on your ‘anger’ and ‘pain’….I’m pretty sure my brother has a lot of that too….thanks to people like you guys.

            Evolving to a place where you don’t have to care about your impact on other people….sounds like narcissism and privilege to me.

            Fuck your narcissism and privilege.

            And it’s not PC….it’s called giving a shit about how you impact other people.

          • Cyrano

            My privilege involves knowing what the word retarded actually means. My privilege involves knowing that people are selective in what terms for the developmentally challenged they chose to be offended by. My privilege involves not being offended by pejorative terms that may apply to my own disadvantaged status.

          • toofarinsideacar

            “my privilege involves knowing what the word retarded actually means.”

            ask a linguist and I’m sure you will learn that words mean a lot more than the webster dictionary definition. words have SOCIAL meaning. and one of the [most common] meanings of the word “retarded” is as an insult against people who have mental disabilities (i.e. are disabled by society).

            yeah, retarded means “slow” and n****er means “black” and bitch means “female dog” and the word “science” has the same indo-european language family word root as the word “shit.” But these words also all have other much more common and important meanings, determined by how people in our society use them today.

            So please can you consider listening to people who say “this harms me” rather than desperately trying to find excuses for continuing to marginalize people by race and ability and gender and beyond. please?

            “My privilege involves knowing that people are selective in what terms for the developmentally challenged they chose to be offended by.”
            well some people are actually trying to make our awareness more complete and less selective:
            “retarded” is a super common and well-known insult against disabled people so it seems like a pretty basic word to cut out of your vocab. it’s worth thinking about those other words on the list linked above…but even if it’s “too much work” to cut out some less obvious insults I think asking ppl not to say retarded is pretty simple.

            “My privilege involves not being offended by pejorative terms that may apply to my own disadvantaged status”
            ok. . . . so just because my one friend gets a thrill out of boxing means I should walk around assuming everyone wants to receive a punch? just because you aren’t hurt by something doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to feel the same way.

          • Suzuki35

            you missed point.. its not about retarded people.
            if someone says they have a fat wallet are they insulting fat people too? get over yourself. you cant bully other peoples minds so we can be an all one yeast infection like brain that all is on the same fucktard page
            forget that shit

          • toofarinsideacar

            well… you missed my points too. point is that actually is IS inherently about “retarded” people. You can’t just erase a words socially accepted meaning. (you will probably say I am trying to erase your definition but I am not… just saying it stands alongside other meanings too)

            using people’s traits as insults is, very often, insulting to those people. using words like gay, fat, retarded, etc. as insults contributes to the already huge hate, stigma and abuse of people who are gay, fat, disabled, etc.

            “you can’t bully other people’s minds” what? hurting people emotionally is like a foundational part of bullying. humans have minds and feelings not just body’s.

            as to my closing point. “just because you aren’t hurt by something doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to feel the same way.” so you are saying “just because you ARE hurt by something does’t mean everyone else needs to feel the same way.” first of all, that doesn’t necessarily follow. second of all, I am not saying you need to personally be hurt or offended by the use of the r-word. I am saying that if you care at all about being a good or considerate person you should avoid doing things that hurt other people, especially when it requires minimal sacrifice for you. even if you don’t 100% get it or agree. like, is there any reason why it is actually so important for you to say the word?

            please don’t say free speech cause I am not making a legal argument here but rather an ethical one.

          • Suzuki35

            you ended your point with an example that negates your whole point. its not fucktarded though..its human condition youll call it so we can not hurt your feelings

          • Rhonda Lowney

            Beautifully put.

          • Suzuki35

            if ya REALLY care you find out where biological retardedness came from and stop exploiting your brother! David in Bible says “I HATE the lame and retarded” etc for a reason… one that prideful folks don’t care to find out;… am i insensitive if i say i don’t want a possibility of retardedness in my gene pool? no im not.. but some will say i am or worse yet dare to go agsinst God and say its “impossible” to correct……..those are the ones hiding something!

        • Hardenthefuckup

          Fuck you over-sensitive fucking idiots, you all need to harden the fuck up! Fuck you dipshits that’s are so fucking stupid you can’t understand or accept rhetoric. Fuck you pussies for missing the point of the blog and focusing on the wrong thing. You fucking morons are contributing to the pussification of society. Fuck you people who can no longer see humour in ourselves and the world, even in times and events of adversity.

          • Kati Mills

            Would it be okay to replace the word retarded with the “N” word? If she said “I didn’t mean “N****r as in BLACK, I meant N****r as in BAD! TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

          • Michael Hamerly

            Hmmm… good point. Never thought of it that way

          • Hydrangea

            Okay, let me stop you right there. There is no correlation between the original usage of the word “retarded” and the original usage of the word “nigger”… The word “retarded” can be applied to anything, even inanimate objects or forces (example: flame retardant). It has only recently come to mean “someone with a disability”… “Nigger” on the other hand is now, and has *only ever been* used as a racial slur against human beings with a specific skin tone.

            Fuck racially insensitive assholes on the internet.

          • Nurse

            Hydrangea, Retarded has ALWAYS been used in the medical community. It just recently has been used for inanimate objects and slang!!! It was used to refer to people with an IQ below 70. It is from the use of Latin way back in1480; < Latin retardāre to delay, protract, equivalent to re- re- + tardāre to loiter, be slow, derivative of tardus slow.

          • Nurse

            Niger is Latin for ‘black’. That’s the source of all the trouble. Nigger itself (with the Latin spelling) is recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary as being first used in 1574. I wish people were still required to learn Latin. SO everyone knew where words came from!!!! OMG

          • gudrunb

            you are killing me! I endured Latin for several years, and i even retained some, just failed the class one year because of it (or the teacher, who was a 200% stickler)

            my 5 cents: fuck all this political correctness shit!

          • Paisley

            Fuck the medical community. Retarded was used as a cooking term before the medical community existed- as in retarded the yeast until the proper time.

          • Suzuki35

            yes to slow the growth of… many things are retarded!

          • Suzuki35

            including race relations retarded by proper definition!

          • Suzuki35

            if i say a nigger is retarded it is UNDERSTOOD that niggerdom means a slow person of the black race.. “retarded” slowed growth in functioning in society.. …if a redneck is retarded ..maybe because he is setting things on fire in his backyard and catching on fire himself…but a redneck wont be as pussy offended….. and pussy also is wrong.. right?? means feminine???? (which is a compliment and means youd be advanced!) if nigger fits it fits then.. pussy rarely fits… its “dicklike” to set things on fire ..women rarely do it… women have self preservation in them..males don’t… so its retarded to call men pussies when they are acting like dicks.duh fucktards lol

          • Steve

            “nigger” was someone from the Niger river area. Most “bad” words, even “fuck”, didn’t start out being that way. There is no bad word unless we make it so, usually as a way of controlling others so we don’t get our feelings hurt in some way. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

          • Pearl

            No, that is NOT how that word came to be…it is the result of the inarticulate work bosses of the slave owners who could not (or didn’t bother to) say “nigra” (latin for black) or “negro” properly. “Nigruh” was slurred to become “nigger”, which is probably the only thing those ignorant sons o’ bitches said that anyone committed to memory!

          • Ed Hare

            Actually, the word “nigger” is a slang term for “negro,” the racial term applied to people with dark skin, often called “black,” even though the skins I have seen in “negro” people have all been various shades of brown. As pointed out, the name for the “race” is derived from latin and other latin languages for the latin word for black.

            In reality, I believe that there is really no such thing as race.

          • Julianjulio

            But in the Hispanic world ‘negro’ means ‘black’.. Without connotatons, it is innocent of any racism

          • Julianjulio

            *it is not slang

          • Suzuki35

            that is correct cuz I just bought a Spanish can of black beans called one got offended.and they taste very good and I loved them and I only laughed a tiny bit. i understood its a color. people often call themselves what names others gave them..not our fault.i bet black people would have never even called themselves black had they not heard it from a non black. they simply adopted the language of others. and then complain. but i will still eat my negro beans that are black without thinking about black white beans are called great white northern… no connotation came to mind til now proving blacks are babies and too sensitive. and also stop begging people to like you.. if someone doesn’t like you and uses negro negatively that’s the last person to beg to change.. women deal with stuff daily for being women.. we cant beg men to be nice … that’s a waste of life.women are more advanced than blacks. they should take some cues on how we won

          • Suzuki35

            its not racial. nigger always meant a nigger. like an annoying bad annoying person… niggerly used to mean stingy.. now it means thug and lowlife…..of black race.. why not own it.. why not own race along with the niggerness in it… why say the niggerness is not black lol…. its part of the racial makeup… whites have words too… why not understand that? why when someone is a nigger its universal? why cant a nigger be black ? why is it NOT in his genetic makeup to act niggerly… he adds the nigger to it.. to his swagger to his everything.. he didn’t separate it!!! that’s the POINT,the nigger himself says “I am a black nigger and proud, I add my “blackness” to my niggerdom” he doesn’t deny it why should you? is it because you are black and fear being related to a nigger by default? that’s NOT OUR problem! that’s YOUR personal mental disorder that society is fatigued from! he himself.. niggers of your black race will MAKE YOU acknowledge you are black with him by default!!! and you know it.. so don’t dig your grave deeper by denying it to whites. we see right through it. half the time you agree with him. you cant switch sides. anytime whites TRUSTED a “moderate” black you went and sided with one…. due to melanin default. “even if a nigger he is black so ill side with him” so don’t ever give whites definitions. we go by yours by proof.

          • Guest

            I think you mean “niggard”

          • Act Right & Get Right

            Your comment was a”Socially Retarded” comment.

          • Suzuki35

            now there are “nigtards” to.. its society venting…nigtards wigtards fucktards…and LIBTARDS who love them all

          • Grow a Backbone-Grab a Mirror

            Could not have said it better myself. Thanks Hardenthefuckup for this eloquent response. There is a fine line between evolution and censorship. Fuck over sensitive people who focus on small battles and drama that doesn’t exist. You are like the Real Housewives of Internet Comments, distracting everyone from the real message, issue, at hand…focus on yourself and your reactions and ask yourself “What in me is reacting to that word”….then see what you might want to write as a comment instead. Fuck petty bullshit! Fuck censorship! Fuck PC! Fuck those not willing to grow an internal ducking backbone! Fuck people not willing to take responsibility for their own lives! Fuck finger pointers! Fuck blamers!

          • thebravestheart

            Fuck people who think that a group of people who might be hurt by the derogatory use of that word “don’t exist.”

          • Marcy

            What is internal ducking? I love your Real Housewives of Internet Comments descriptor!

          • ButtercupG

            ‘Focus on yourself and your reactions and ask yourself “What in me is reacting to that word” ‘ A friend posted this on Facebook, and immediately the hackles went up when I saw the title. But this friend’s rep is that he posts deep and thoughtful articles. I came and read this, and my toes now hurt; I play small, and this called me out. So now I’m challenged to fix that, and also the gratitude instead of anger part. I do that too…love these teachings.

          • BDIC

            YES!!! Fuck you fucking retards, niggers, and retarded niggers for even allowing society continue to be insulted by every little fucking thing. Fuck you sleeping fucks; wake the fuck up and realize that we are all on “Spaceship Earth” together and that borders, money, religion, bad words, and countless other bullshit doesn’t exist. FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!

        • Angela Kennedy

          The problem is the use of the word ‘retarded’ to mean ‘stupid’ as in wilfully stupid, the original context being objected to. Fuck that contextual use of the word.

          • Isaac Hoppe

            Fuck the medical use of the word, too. A) It’s ridiculously unspecific to be used in a field of science and B) it’s literally saying that people like me are less developed and lesser humans.

        • thebravestheart

          Fuck you for completely missing the point of why people without mental handicaps don’t get to decide how and when that word is oppressive, offensive, or hurtful.

          Fuck ableism.

          Fuck anyone who thinks that the clearly derogatory use of the term was harmless.

          Fuck invisibility.

          Fuck non-apology apologies.

          Fuck “spirituality” that isn’t remotely interested in reducing the harm human beings perpetrate on others.

          Fuck selfishness and self-righteousness.

          • machinegirl

            Fuck this website for not letting me star/upvote your comment 1000 times.
            Fuck this dude for thinking that if you’re in a “safe space” you should say offensive words. guess what? YOU just made the space UNsafe.

          • Jay

            Fuck yeah!

            Well said!

      • squirrelofdoom

        fuck you for thinking your willingness to share online because you’re not really afraid of what people think about you is somehow more important than not hurting other people by using the r-word.

        • angie

          “Fuck anyone who thinks they can be an asshole or stop contributing to society because they “earned it.”
          Using the r-word or other epithets in the private, free-association writing — fine. Deciding it’s okay and “brave” to include it in the published version seems like a self-congratulatory version of what you described in the above quote, Mike.

      • Theryl McCoy

        So now you’re a Spiritual Person Using Gratitude As A Bypass To Your Anger?
        Fuck people who have to grammar check and pc correct other people’s writing.

      • Ora_Mi

        it wasn’t a catch it is a passive control attempt. there was no hate or hurt in your usage.

      • Laura Trevino

        i think the definition of the word “retarded” should be changed/edited/updated to mean exactly the way you used it. because we already use “mentally challenged” or “special needs” as we should (well, those of us who aren’t assholes, anyway)

        • Freudian_Slip

          Disagree. Arc (full name: National Association for Retarded Citizens) keeps the R-word because it invokes more empathy for their cause– said a higher up executive there to me YEARS ago. How do you like them apples? The DSM-V JUST officially changed the term “mental retardation” to “intellectual disabilities”. This is VERY recent in the world of mental health, despite whatever terms people have been using– said a psychotherapist (me). It’s interesting the first gentleman who commented (Mike Hrostoski) started out by stating his distaste for the use of the R-word, but then went on to imply that it was perfectly acceptable to say all sorts of other completely inappropriate things when he has a free-for-all with his own therapist. However, he apparently edits himself though, and keeps out other certain words?? When people do this sort of thing in my office, and include “And fuck the fucking faggots who….” I don’t stop them and say, “Ok. Hold on a minute. I’m a lesbian, and you’re sort of offending me.” I let them go. They’re experience, they’re time, they’re safe & nonjudgmental environment. However, maybe the internet isn’t meant to be an individual’s “safe space”? Apparently the public medium of the internet as platform for this is what’s bothering people?

      • Rhonda Lowney

        You’re welcome :)

      • Ss

        “In regard to…” As opposed to regards 😉 xoxo. Love the post

      • Jomama Omyballs

        I’ve never really thought of Gratitude as a bypass for anger. Just thought of it as being grateful for good things, contrary to fucking bad things.

      • Kyle McLaughlin

        You can heal your anger by crying it. Angry tears; it works long-term. I think if you keep saying “fuck…” you’ll keep feeling a temporary relief of some sort but the feelings will come again and in saying these things you could hurt others.

      • Leonie Rose

        I love this … If I started I’d be there forever writing there’s so much pent up shit you don’t realise until you try and get rid my goodness I really would use a whole universe of fucks it’s positively brilliant

    • Andrea Mérida

      I was going to say EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

    • Kati Mills

      Yes! “Fuck” is fine. “R*tarded is a slur. Not cool.

    • Quentin Wright


      • Quentin Wright

        Oh, I forgot, fuck retard faggots.

        • thebravestheart

          Fuck disgusting trashbag white male trolls who think they’re being “edgy” and “resisting censorship” when they are in fact buying into the oldest played out fucking shit by proving they can use their privilege to not give a shit about anyone else.

          Fuck you especially.

          • machinegirl

            Fuck me for not having the courage to say what you said all the fucking time.
            Fuck this website for not letting me star your comment.

    • Chloe

      Fuck the cannibal hypothesis of autism

    • Lala

      fuck the PC police, I’ll say what I need to say.

    • SydneyJ

      – In therapy, cool story bro, say anything you want. In your published article trying to reach people as a teacher, check your language.

      We can argue about where the words come from and what their *original definition* is until whenever, the fact of the matter remains: It is derogatory to a group of people.
      Can we please put our adult pants on and recognize that very little effort is required to stop perpetuating the shame that the use of that word causes.

      Fuck trying to justify your bad behavior.

    • jero

      fuck your political correct witch hunt. retarded

    • Josh

      Fuck you for started wars over semantics.

      • Josh

        Fuck me for grammar mistakes.

    • s. badiyah austin

      fuck having to be politically correct with your own raw emotions.

    • Steve

      Fuck your absurd level of political correctness.

    • disqus_nDgyx2OEUQ

      Fuck Facebook, twitter, instagram, and every form of social media!!! Fuck it!!!! Fuck it!!! I don’t need another fucking barcode!!!!!! Fuuuuuuucccccckkkk!!!!!!!!!! Fuck organized religion!!!! It was started by politicians!!!! Fuck the people that stopped pagan society and took away the true spiritual guides like shrooms, Dmt, and payote!!!! Fuck the people that require Facebook to leave what you think! Fuck me, for not knowing how to find peace!!! I own a home and have a family, so I’m not some little bitch living with his mother!!!! I’ll fucking go crazy sooon!!! Alex, who left a post 3 years ago, fuck you little bitch!!! You’re the retarded bitch!!! Fuck your mother!

    • disqus_nDgyx2OEUQ

      Come at me!! Spell check me you little cock sucker!!!

    • Atown

      Fuck you for taking offense at the word retarded, as if you have a fucking right to tell anyone what is right or wrong.

  • Hil

    fuck the denial of authentic, powerful femininity in our culture and FUCK the fucking twisted, contorted, harmful expression of masculinity

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, that’s a huge pain point for me too. Hence the work I do and how I choose to show up to the women in my life.

  • Torie

    Fuck picking my face
    Fuck ego
    Fuck this laptop, seriously, I fucking agree with you on that
    FUCK HOLDING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck holding back emotions, power, what I have to share, my potentiality, my Truth, and FUCK holding back from following my bliss.
    Fuck people who judge anyone positively or negatively based on the circumstances in which they were born and had no active choice in.
    Fuck the internet for being so fucking addicting.
    Fuck this fucking desert heat.
    Fuck the exploiters of human rights, indigenous cultures, and the Land.
    Fuck complacency.
    Fuck addiction
    Fuck cheese
    Fuck censorship of our authentic selves
    Fuck debt
    FUCK war
    And fuck life for being so fucking wonderful that it makes death so hard to accept for so many.

  • Joanne

    Fuck using the word fuck as a cute, catchy way to make true spirituality seem less intimidating to the masses. Also, what Alex said below about the use of the r-word.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      What is “true spirituality?” Is there a form that is more “true” than the others?

      Enlighten me Joanne.

      • detn

        Spirituality is something personal :) there is no manual for spirituality :) and fuck the fact spirituality is becoming a hype ! Fuck the fact that “spiritual people” like to call the rest of the masses sheeps or sheeple. Fuck all that bullshit ! find your own spirituality and path , there is no being awake.! fuck all this awake shit ! and fuck my job haha :p
        there’s something to this game 😉
        peace !

        • Mike Hrostoski

          Boom! Truth bomb! Is that you Buddha?

          • detn

            Looks like i blew my cover hehe 😉 Seriously , thank you Mike for sharing this awesome game ! Its a brilliant and fun way of letting out personal frustrations ! i will recommend it to the people in my life !

        • fuck

          fuck your condescending smiley faces

          • detn

            Touche 😉

        • Paisley

          Fuck people who use the word ‘sheeple’ because they clearly have no clue about the behavior of sheep.

  • notmyfirstnamechoice

    Tool did it first.

    • L ROn

      fuck L Ron Hubbard and fuck all these clones, fuck these dysfunctional insecure actresses

      • Howard Gilbraith

        Fuck those gun toting hip gangster wannabes!

        • connor

          I fucking love the direction this just went in.. Fucking LA

  • Moneca Yardley

    Fuck you people who are normalizing depravity. Hitting anyone is not sexy.
    It’s stupid bad! No wonder people live in fear! #love #collagenbabe

  • Mat Bodhi Bryan

    Fuck your excessive use of swear words.
    Fuck people for being hypocritical abut being politically correct… by swearing and not allowing you to swear.

  • Carla

    Fuck people who don’t appreciate rock n roll.
    Fuck people who ask what “so what do you do” as soon as they meet you.

    • Brian Dieckman

      Fuck identity-thieving status whores who only care about your career.

  • Bob Dobbs


  • JC

    Fuck the people that want make me feel less because I don’t share the idea that I’m worth as much as I have instead of what I am.
    Fuck the people that don’t understand that my depression is not a “shake off” feeling.
    Fuck the math teacher who made my mum cry when I was in school for failing at exams when he didn’t have the capacity to engage my mind on his subject.
    Fuck the bullies that made my life hell in school and the scars they left that I still carry and hold me back. I fucking forgive you.
    Fuck marketing for blinding us to believe that we always need more and that a mobile phone/pair of shoes/shirt will make up for all the emptiness inside.
    Fuck schools and universities that teach us to be employees of the upper classes instead of teaching us to think independently and realise our potential.
    Fuck individualism. We’re not alone in the world, so we better learn how to live in society and acknowledge and respect everybody else’s rights!!
    Fuck the system that allows money to attract more money while squeezing the poor more and more.
    Fuck lethargy and procrastination.
    Fuck being bipolar.
    Fuck people who leave shopping trolleys lying around blocking everybody’s way instead of leaving them in the specified area.
    Fuck the governments whom create situation to create panic on their citizens to raise support for invasions/occupations that only serve their own economic interests while killing/fucking millions of others lives.
    Fuck the intolerant.
    Fuck bad people.
    Fuck not having enough money to give my wife a great holiday.
    Fuck the people that don’t shower/bath and use public transport sharing their stink with us.
    Fuck feeling fucking down.
    I fucking need to do this more fucking often…

    • psiamiam

      Oh yeah, FUCK people who are too fucking lazy to put the shopping trolleys (we call them carts) in the designated places. Fuck those trolleys for rolling downhill and into my car.

  • raven7132

    The author is an idiot, and a self centered selfish individual. Talk about the use of projection?!?!? Yeah, don’t take any personal responsibility it’s everybody else’s fault in life!!! What crap!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Actually I take full responsibility for everything in my life. I am solely responsible for my happiness, my income, my sex life, my friendships, my community, my health, my relationship with God, and my emotional well-being.

      Part of my emotional well-being includes giving myself full permission to feel. I used to bottle up my emotions like most men do, but then those emotions came out in all sorts of fucked up ways. Cutting, alcohol abuse, unfulfilling sexual conquests, the need to be the top performer in every situation for approval and validation.

      Of all the emotions I see get bottled up the most it’s anger. We are afraid of our own power. We are afraid of losing control. We are afraid that people won’t love us anymore.

      In fact, we are so afraid of any negative emotion that we will do anything to not feel them.

      Which includes going on prescription drugs and walking around like heartless zombies.

      No thanks.

      Yes, I take full responsibility for my life. Thank you for the reminder. I need a little nudge on that one from time to time.

      • detn

        Right on ! In the words of a verry good band : Anger is an energy. And you cant dismiss it or let it hide behind fear. It has to be dissolved in a constructive way (like this game) or else it can become a dangerous thing. Its like Mike says , we become afraid and will do everything not to go and face it right in the eye (wich is the point , face it , embrace it and learn to control and use fear in a verry good and constructive way) but we must use the full ray of our emotions. Its the way to find a good balance in our souls. Just my 2 cents :)

        • Jason Barnett


          • detn

            There it is ! one of my fav bands !

    • lannes123

      Fuck you people who think they can judge other people and assume what is going on inside somebody’s else head. Fuck you who always have a negative opinion about things. Go fuck other posts, not this one.

  • Augustus

    Fuck those who think people come before profits.
    Fuck those who don’t understand that a company’s number one goal is profits.
    Fuck those that abuse the system.
    Fuck my slow ads metabolism.
    Fuck working 80 hours a week to make mid 6 figures.
    Fuck my ex fiance who broke up with me last week after 5 fucking years.
    Fuck me for not “consistantly” giving her the best sex of her life.
    Fuck me for choosing my mission over her.
    Fuck THE Iraqi government for being pussys.
    Fuck giving 2 years to make that country a better, safer place.
    Fuck my need to go to war.
    Fuck MMA.
    Fuck training 14 years and still only descent.
    Fuck life, working not the end in and of itself.
    Fuck THE PUA community. Most are full of shit.
    Fuck Gone Savage, Zan, Crazy Cload, EL topo for helping me realize I’m an attractive man

  • Augustus

    Fuck THE Army for a fractured herniated disk.
    Fuck people that think there victims
    Fuck liberals who try to redistribute wealth.
    Fuck politicians that think they know what’s best for us
    Fuck this country f2f or turning into a socialist, welfare state.
    Fuck you illegal immigrants, you fucking stupid ass idiots, gang bangers and thieves.
    Fuck you illegal immigrants for breaking our laws and disrespecting us immensely.
    Fuck you third wave feminist.
    Fuck you feminist. Woman have it very good in this country better than most.
    Fuck you stupid ass drivers. Learn to ducking drive.
    Fuck you teenagers that think there God’s gift to this world.
    Fuck all those who think there tough. Unless you served in a combat mos in the military you ain’t tough.
    Fuck those who think working out makes them tough.

  • Stephanie

    Fuck diabetes, my child doesn’t deserve this!!

  • Amanda

    Fuck single NYC men who play games with single women because they are so damn insecure. Stop fucking saying one thing and doing another. You’re are a two-faced motherfucker that lead me on to give you attention because your so fucking needy.

    • Joe Smith

      it sounds like your the needy one.. or you might be hitting out of your league with guys that might want a quick sex but not thinking of you as marriage material.. be different date a man in your league.. probably a little short, a little poor, a little overweight.. just like you

    • Mike Hrostoski

      New York City is an interesting ecosystem of dating. If I was a woman who lived there though, I would just get really crystal clear on my non-negotiables and operate from that space.

      It’s an easy place to get caught up. I did when I was there for a couple months two years ago.

  • Joe Smith

    Fuck what ever racist liar wrote this line ”
    Fuck the rich white men who are raping the planet in their rush for lining their pockets with more and more and more.”

    Look at the rivers in China ! Look at the Air in China and India ! Look at the rape of the ocean by rich Japan man, look the female head of the IMF. Asia is a polluted hell hole behind your wildest dreams and you blame rich white men.

    FUCK YOU YOU LIAR ! FUCK THE OCEAN POLLUTING DUMPING DEAD PIGS IN DRINKING WATER.. FUCK HOW stupid they build their nuke reactor in Japan and how arrogant they are for not asking for help from white men to fix it, Fuck the companies from China, Malaysia, Europe that are buying up Canadian west resources..


    • Mike Hrostoski

      Good points. Thank you. :)

  • Joe Smith

    “Fuck the rich white men who are raping the planet in their rush for lining their pockets with more and more and more.”


  • Meow

    Edward Norton said it better:

  • RTJ

    Fuck Trivial responses that didn’t get the fucking point!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, they are fun to read though.

      I really didn’t plan on this blog post taking off, but it is. 2400 Facebook shares (as of 11:00am on Oct 30).

      It’s interesting to see the comments pile in from people who are obviously not my regular readers.

      And it helps me in my practice of Compassion to be able to read some of these comments, feel the initial sting, and then feel compassion for whoever wrote it, knowing that it’s just them projecting their own pain and fear onto me.

      Blogging is some shit yo. :)

      Sometimes people forget that there are actually human beings behind these things.

  • Kyle

    Fuck not caring to be cool

  • JDF

    Fuck the stupid ad that pops up while I am trying to read these fucking posts!

  • Howard

    Another ‘more guy’.

  • Just Another Cray-Cray

    My husband & I do something similar once in a while…. we laugh at stupid things, screaming each other. Today we just cracked up because he came home w/a book his “higher ups” were encouraging the employees to read & “stop by my office I have 1 book left… just take it.” He went up and said, “WTF I may as well since they don’t give me jack shit for income and treat us like shit when we work here… get (as he calls it) some good shitter material to read” He comes home with it and we had been laughing the week before about these new rah-rah meetings they’ve been holding each morning and what they do and say and in particular the new “program” they’re implementing. (We’re certain the bosses took a recent European vacation on the company’s credit card to go to one of these seminars) So today he comes home w/the book & his buddies were all razzing him cuz he’s the first to jab one of them w/the joke “so now you’re swallowing I see?” when they meet with the bosses, etc. It’s an ongoing thing. He walks in, shows me the book and I die laughing (well not literally). So tonight he drives me crazy going back and forth with remote withdrawals because he’s been home for nearly 2 hours now and I’ve had the remote. It’s too funny. Finally, he turns the NBA game over (I’m a huge sports fan, not a big NBA fan but LOVE NHL) to MY NHL game. So I look at him and like a total bitch tell him “Well it’s about time!” Then we start laughing and screaming at each other, while laughing, about “you think you own the tv, well it’s MINE dammit and don’t forget it!” and “Oh you are such a disappointment from when we first met…. you come home from work with your chin dripping and a ‘new book’ to read AND then you suddenly turn from a Lebron hater to a Lebron suck up! I can’t handle this!” and the whole time we both know we’re joking but anyone who could hear us would think we were at each others’ throats. In the end we were both laughing so hard and he came over and just grabbed me and planted one me. Reality? We rarely fight & by rarely I mean maybe once a year. Other than that we talk or we’ll do our scream-a-thon as we call it… saying stupid shit but getting any anger out without ever saying anything hurtful, just funny. It works. He’s my soulmate. More men could take lessons from guys like you and him. :-)

  • OzTexan

    Fuck sudden unexpected deaths and the inability to process so much pent up love and grief

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yes, unexpected deaths are brutal. I made it to 30 without my first one (which was my mom).

      I’m no expert, but I’ve learned that crying is the easiest way out. That pain will keep lingering around if you don’t surrender and allow it to wash over you.

      I’ve cried probably ten times more in the past three years than the first thirty.

      Sorry to hear about your loss though. :(

      Death is a cruel fact of life that we all have to face. Doesn’t make it any easier.

      Lots of Love to you wherever you are today. :)

  • fukDat

    Fuck this game because it’s just not that much of an interesting idea.
    Fuck people who think it is.
    Fuck trolls who only post to irritate people.
    Fuck this.

    • duckFat

      Oh and fuck all 1st world problems.

  • gopi krishnan

    Attitude of gratitude is hard, very hard, mastery over one’s anger and cultivating a sense of detachment is equally hard too. This one here is easy, real easy, in fact it is the default human mode, we don’t need anyone to templatize it into some kinda formal philosophy – for proof, just check on the comments of every single youtube video, how much ever incredible or elevating the content is. Just today I was watching Pharrell’s full interview on Oprah – he’s someone I’ve admired for a long time, not particularly his music, but for who he is and for knowing the market pulse in terms of music production – it was a fairly innocuous, dare I say, spiritually-slanted interview, and there it comes – army of haters who may not even know his life from adam, spewing filth after filth. In a safe space, the only repercussion would be rewiring the brain with reinforcements of negativity, but what happens more often that not is that the supposed “safe space” becomes comments page of everything from youtube/facebook posts to online articles and worse still, saying nasty words to someone else because the brain can’t think straight and then regretting them forever (well, at least for those if the relationship meant something and the words didn’t mean anything). I really can do without this, thank you.

  • treewalker

    “Fuhck the Bahnks”

    – Bondi Hipsters

  • Kelli
  • Zaiden

    Fuck yes. Sometimes fuck no. But mostly fuck the feeling of having to do or be (everything).

    And fuck you for making me feel all these fucking feels today.

    Brilliant fuck.

    • Matt

      Fuck you, Mike Hrostoki, for writing this before I did. Fuck you for coming up with that title before I did.

      • leighvolve

        Agreed Fuck him for this epic fucking post

  • Keith Killa

    “their women”- what a fucking misogynist

  • Tom Sawyer

    You did all of the things and gave all of the fucks. Fuck yer day. :)

  • Don

    This rave implies inherent misogyny. Your use of “fuck” in this way unfortunately connotes a violent and insensitive act of sex. Your use of it is masculine, brutal and inherently offensive to many women. Find a better term to express your anger. Verbal violence is not a “game”, it’s a very interesting window to your character though.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Don, not the women that I hang out. The women that I hang out with love getting fucked and don’t mind hearing the word “fuck.” In fact, more women than not actually wish men brought more of that “fuck” in the bedroom. At least in the circles that I hang out in (which are full of beautiful, powerful, sexually liberated, intelligent women).

      • Zola

        I love this!

      • Brook

        Claiming that Fuck only belongs to men is inherently sexist, too. I promise, as a woman, I can fuck you, too. Fucking is not inherently violent. The implication that it is….is an interesting view of a persons character though.

        • Mike Hrostoski

          Yes, fucking can also be: healing, gentle, nurturing, sweet, and relaxing.

  • CR444

    It is SERIOUSLY concerning to me how may people got their panties in a bunch over the use of the word retarded- do you realize that has a valid dictionary meaning? What do you think will happen in 20 more years when people use mentally challenged as an insult… then you will have to come up with a new term for people who are developmentally disabled. F* Californians (like me) and other people who think layering new words on old patterns is going to change anything- that’s an analogue to what this article is about. Trying to dance around things that are real (like retardation) by calling them something else.

  • Luckii Starr

    fuck this fucken process of trying to write a fucken post, because there is always a fucken administrator who gets in the fucken way!!! So I say fuck fucken Facebook for totally Fucking up most peoples fucking lives by destroying their creative free time and consuming them with posts to keep them fucking distracted!!! so Fuck you FaceBook you mighty Giant all of Fucks! Now Fuck everyone who does not give a Fuck and with all my condensed fucks, I will now fuck off!!

  • Xeistence

    Fuck this country for not letting me vote because I’m French, although I’ve lived here 20+ years and pay my taxes like every other fucker
    Fuck this
    Fuck this shit weather
    Fuck it
    Fuck I’m always cold in my flat because I’m too broke to put the heating on
    Fuck this
    Fuck my back is causing me grief because I’m sitting long hours in front of a screen to earn nothing to pay shit loads of fucking useless shit
    Fuck that too
    Fuck this government and his fucking spineless cunts (no fucks without cunts, right?)
    Fuck banks, I hate you fucking arseholes
    Fuck’em too
    Fuck all these idiots that want me to work for nothing, always trying to get away with sucking everything out of me
    Fuck you
    Fuck war, fuck soldiers, fuck weapons, fuck all that contributes to pain and misery of innocents….
    FUCK YOU!!!!
    Feels fucking better, thank you.

  • Chippy the wrestling addict…

    Different perspective, good to look at things differently time to time…

  • Scott Draper

    Fuck you stressed out parents driving like assholes to drop your kid off at school.

  • Roxy

    If you’re hating on this post you seriously need to do something better with your life than just sending out negativity. Fucking love this Mike. Love it. Fuck all the haters.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, this post brought on a new level of haterdom. Quite the opportunity to stay in my own experience and not get pulled into the whirlwind of hate.

  • Haruspex

    nurses. My main motivation for becoming one of those surgeons who does
    17-hour organ transplants is so that I never have to hear another nurse
    masturbate herself over how SHE has all the power and SHE does all the
    work and doctors do nothing but laze around diagnosing
    patients and it’s not like that’s *hard* or anything, I have to walk up
    and down all those *corridors*, you guys! Fuck smug, arrogant,
    self-congratulatory people who have to degrade others and ignore their
    contributions in order to boost up their egos. Get over yourselves.
    (Also fuck anybody who doesn’t laugh when I stand behind them rolling my
    eyes and making jerkoff motions when I have to hear a nurse say all
    this shit again.)

    Also, fuck those people who have fucking meltdowns whenever they get something wrong in a way they don’t like and argue and fight and throw a fucking tantrum because the professor OBVIOUSLY phrased the question wrong and it’s SO UNFAIR YOU GUYS. How the fuck are you going to handle actual patients who don’t respond to your treatment, whose condition takes an unexpected turn, who report symptoms you think they shouldn’t have, or who look as if they might have something other than what you initially diagnosed? Fuck your ego. Healers go around feeling up people’s balls and looking inside their asses and you think you can use that to lord over others? I’m glad when you wash out, you’ll never work in medicine, and you shouldn’t be anywhere near it. You shouldn’t even be near a fucking Happy Meal. If you make it you better fucking pray that nobody dies because you think you’re hot shit. Especially, fuck those students with their little competitions and their sabotage. You don’t have the right to make people worse healers because you want to look good. Who pays for that but the patients? We are servants to people. Our education and talents don’t belong to us. We even have a Physician’s Oath to replace our own drives, moralities, and priorities. We are NOBODIES. Fuck you if you believe otherwise. You don’t have the fucking right.

    Also, I still get higher scores than you do on all the exams.

    Finally, fuck anybody who’s against universal healthcare. I see people who are suffering immensely – teenagers, children – because you’d rather have MYYY TAAAX DOLLLLARRRS and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Half the people I know are dedicating their entire lives to such people – there are good people out there in Ebola country GIVING their lives to such people – and you can’t pay an extra fucking buck. Fuck you. You’d rather they fucking die than inconvenience you. You make me sick. Good thing I have insurance.

    • Amanda

      I. Fucking. Love. You. That is all.

  • Zenia

    Fuck internet trolls. Fuck your pent up bullshit that you spew everywhere, all of the fucking time! Fuck you for always trying to bring people down to your shitty level.

  • SonicShaman

    Fuck me for not respecting myself and my limits. Fuck those who take advantage of people so they can accomplish there own selfish fucking goals. Fuck those who can’t share. Fuck pretending. Fuck fear. Fuck ego. Fuck the fact that I’m still afraid. Fuck those who take things too seriously. Fuck me for not smiling and laughing enough. Fuck…

  • Catherine le Fay

    Mike thanks so much for freeing another part of us,,, the more we let go (especially our egos where we feel we have to be defensive) the more we can take down the barriers our minds put up!! Most insightful Rant Ive ever seen!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Javaluva

    Fuck Men who cheat & lie. Fuck my house burning down. Fuck assholes who think a relaxation massage should also include a hand job! Fuck Men who think with their dicks. Fuck greedy, selfish people. Fuck men who think they can be part time fathers and wash their hands of their kids. Fuck doing everything myself with no fucking help from anyone. Fuck my shitty car and my empty bank account. Fuck bosses who take 50% commission and then offer discounts so that I am in effect working for 40% fuck that with a big fucking thorny stick! Fuck people who promise the world & deliver zip and then still try to elicite more money from me. Fuck people who don’t fucking listen. Fuck having my back against the wall all the time. Just fuck.

  • Kit

    Does expressing anger necessarily mean recognizing and releasing anger? Check out this article on the efficacy of catharsis:

  • Kit

    With that said I think sharing one’s pain and story with others can be healing, and maybe that pain is sometimes expressed as anger?

  • Danny

    Love this article. I have worked with many clients in the SF bay area, and holy crap do people try to cover up their anger! Your use of the words “their women and their work” in your header surprises me. You seem thoughtful and not horrible. As someone who is fighting for balance in the world, why do you choose to use a possessive word toward women, when that mentality of ownership is already creating so much damage?

    • Mike Hrostoski

      You’re not the first person who has said that. I see no issue with the term. I also don’t mind when my girlfriend calls me her man.

      Women are not property though. I agree with you wholeheartedly there.

      • not property

        if you agree whole heartedly, then reflect that in your language. you position yourself as a man who other men should/can learn from. therefore, it doesn’t matter if you don’t mind your girlfriend calling you her man (and vise versa). It matters that giving men permission to view women as theirs – as belonging to them in the same way their work and their relationships do (your own header analogies) – is dangerous. It replicates and supports what they have already been taught their whole lives. If you are genuine in your desire to re-educate men into “showing up” for women in a respectful, meaningful way, then it’s your responsibility to honestly evaluate the potential impact of your words. teach men to challenge the objectification of women – and if you do teach that, be sure you’re teaching it consistently, across all platforms. your website header appears as something of a mission statement. please reconsider and allow this meaningful feedback in. Just because you haven’t previously “seen an issue with the term”, doesn’t mean you can’t re-think it now.

  • Live Wire

    Fuck the Reptilian Illuminati Programing that Keeps the masses Numb! Fuck the Elite royal families of the world that profit from Wars, Rape, addiction and Exploitation!! Fuck the Ignorance that keeps people helpless, and thinking that this this is just” how things are”!! Fuck the need to be recognized, validated and accepted by the sleeping worldly materialists’ possessed by these forces of ignorance.

  • Tova Houpt

    fuck people who are having a bad day and decide that because I`m serving them they need to make me feel small and worthless and absolutely stupid on simple things like, how many ounces are in a pound. Fuck you bitchy lady who stole my happy!

  • Nedo Tuunainen

    Fuck my painting fuck my husband fuck my family….j………………..ust fucked up my painting.

  • julie lawrence

    Fuck depression. Fuck never being sure. Fuck having to cook dinner every night. Fuck taking supplements that are meant to make me feel better, and always make me feel worse. Fuck that part of my brain that thinks I need to be useful all the time and makes me hate myself when I’m not. Fuck fucking!

    I like this game. Thank you.

    Fuck saying thank you … that’s that gratitude thing, right? Fuck that too.

  • Tuts

    I will respect what is written because those are your fucks and not mine. Would I have fucked all? No…some harsh expressions here and there. Did I get the message? YES! I have found myself hiding behind gracefulness and covering up some “fucks”! And …this is me…not you…how great it was to read and then throw a couple up fucks of my own out there!!!!! FUUUUCKK! Am I still grateful? Of course I am! For my kids, my music, my husband, my family. There are many things to be grateful for. But, today I have learned that there has to be a balance. Grateful….Fuck…and it feels great! Thankyou!!

  • Shivani

    Fuck long distance relationships! Fuck skyping to India which fucking works about as well as both of us holding up tiny wires connected to a fucking can. Fuck complete lack of make-up sex or even a solid hug after a staticky Skype fight. Fuck having to sort out how and when to get to India so we can actually meet in-person because the motherfucking Fulbright won’t let him leave the country for more than two weeks.

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  • mazzie

    best user of profanity ever..

  • Rick Henderson

    what Alex said about “retarded” – first, and only thing here, that I actually thought was fucked. But, It’s not like everybody doesn’t have a semantic fuck-up lurking to spew out, so, fuck my judgment of that.

  • Nedo Tuunainen

    Fuck people that think anything in life is not game..
    Fuck people that eat chickens
    Fuck people that eat meat
    Fuck people that don’t eat meat
    Fuck people that think musicians are artists
    Fuck it from now on I am a musician. and proud
    Fuck maybe I’m a wannabee actor
    Fucking hard to say what is in your soul ,,, definitely don’t want to be an actor,,,

  • Marianne

    In puberty my son a nice sweet little boy turned into a first class scolding, cursing and idiot crazy motherfucker Always, forever and ever, woke up early in the morning, with some hardcore fucking bitch it and hell sounds banging and booming throughout the house And when anything went wrong, fuck it, fuck fucker fucking the fuck, was the only sensible words coming from his mouth I stood with my hands in my messy fucked up hair, where does that language come from for God’s sake, use normal words! He was dismissed from school to school, getting worse and worse,
    additional guidance from different angles but nothing worked, fucking nothing, God Damn fuck it What the fuck happend to my sweet smiling boy? I almost started to believe the fucking bitching and cursing all day long, would drive his life forever and some fucking more One day, I parked the car for the goddamn door and my fucked up son​​, started again lustily swearing and cursing out…fuck that ! Who makes this fucked up shit, so you get with your fingers caught in it? FUCK FUCK FUCK I locked the car door, Click Click, nowhere to go and silently looked my son in his eyes, together caught up in a small space…. and his sweet patient loving mother decided completely out of nowhere
    ….. to have some loudly FUCK YOU SHIT and rage game You do, you are a complete fuck up, not only now but always, as long as I know you, even before you were born, once a fuck up always a fuck up, forever and forever He looked at me a little confused and said , can you use normal words or what the fuck is this ? I said WOW you almost sound like you’re fucked up mother, that’s me, you fucked up idiot! We stayed almost one hour inside the car, cursing and swearing and outbidding each other’s fucking shit until the moment that I really had to get out ,,,I fucking peed in my pants from laughing I have to go to the bathroom, I screamed at my son, he slammed the car door whooping and howling with laughter,, wear diapers fucked up old retard Well, we showed each other all the corners of the car and yeah fuck you too Holy Fuck we needed this more than God knows what and let me tell you, he knows every shitty fucked up little detail about me, any freaky uncertainty and with enormous wit and humor, I must admit HE IS GOOD …. WOW…. He had won the game and he was fantastic! He looked fucking relieved and it took a few months for the first, FUCK IT came out of his mouth again His whole behavior began to change, he became calmer and motivated at
    school, all on its own accord and if he had a problem, how large it might be and there were still a few huge ones in between, I had only one answer I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY YOU AND YOUR FUCK UPS and it worked better than anything else ,fucking believe me !!! If there was irritation we looked at each other and started our ranting and raving fuck it game Fuck Fuck Fuck it, I cut my finger Who made those motherfucking shit sharp knives, so sharp that you cut your fingers? Click Clik son, I grab a fork and a fucking piece of bread and start stabbing the fork in the bread Who makes those shitty shaped forks so fucking shitty ? I throw the fucking fuck fork in the corner and a fucked up plate smashed against the floor, spit on the table, fuck you brainless table, who made you ? Kick it, that’s that, pans on the floor and start eating with our fucking fingers straight from the pan, no napkins but diapers, fuck a duck and bon appétit :: -)

  • Giselle

    Fuck animal exploitation, fuck animal agriculture, fuck oppressing and enslaving animals.

  • Cindy

    Fuck people who claim to be your best friend, ignore you for months, then want back in when you are done. Fuck them for making you feel bad and like something is wrong with you when you realize the relationship is not healthy anymore. Fuck them for saying you are selfish and jealous. Fuck that! Thanks, I feel better.

  • Cris M

    Fuck the renaissance of being PC. Fuck you all PC worshipers. Retarded. Retarded. Retarded. Why can the word “bitch” be so popular and other words can’t be said? Fuck you all for nit picking and being hypocritical.

  • Mary

    Hmmm I know this much for me if I do this – I have now unleashed a whole a slew of verbal refuse everywhere. I dig the release and I think it’s great to be honest and true especially with all the repressive attitude of “let’s be ONLY POSITIVE” sickeness but I always energetically clean up after myself by visualizing all the verbal refuse getting purified and snapped up in a visual of white almost purple flames. Words have power and I don’t need to be clogging up the atmosphere with my stuff.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, I didn’t expect it to get this out of control. Kind of a shitstorm. Oops.

  • Jeff

    Fuck all the righteous no brain robots who wave their cubicle job around like a saving grace

    Fuck the women who treat all guys like creeps

    Fuck the sexist bigoted butch lesbians who are bitter at anything with a dick

    Fuck the bartenders who cut me off when i need to black out and forget

    Fuck the moms who wake up their baby cause theyre lonely

    Fuck everyone who keeps pets fenced in locked up and chained down

    Fuck my mom for bringing me into this fucked up world

    Fuck me for giving a fuck

    Fuck akward moments

    Fuck all my ex girlfriends

    Fuck Fashion

    Fuck successful people

    Fuck being normal

    Fuck being sober

    Fuck all those movies with happy endings

    Fuck being in love

    Fuck being scared of of death

    Fuck saying anything when you take your last breath

    Fuck my heart if theyres anything left

    Fuck all the mannequin men and wicker women

    Fuck this cess pool that we all swim in

    Fuck all the snide remarks from high brows in tailored tweeds

    Fuck all my physiological and emotional needs

    Fuck Halloween and fuck wearing a mask

    Fuck you if you dont like me stay the fuck in my past

  • Melanie Seiter Ellis

    I love this. Fuck all the motherfucking Fuckers who refuse to hold themselves accountable and blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong in your lives! Own your fucking shit and GROW the FUCK UP!

  • rhetoricus

    Fuck people who bitch and whine rather than doing something to change whatever they’re pissed about

  • Yorsch Rocha

    Fak facebook even though thats where i saw your article and laughed to death

  • not property

    fuck you, mike, for using the posessive pronoun “their” in reference to women who are in relationships with the men you coach. women do not belong to men. women belong solely to ourselves. period. fuck you for claiming you “show up” for the women in your life in a laudable way, while using your website header to promote the idea that women are property.

    • leighvolve

      Fuck this feminism gone mad (I am a feminist just not a mad one) and attacking good guys and the essence of masculine and feminine. As a women fully in her power I want a man who can “own” me energetically and respect me, believe in me and raise me. That does not mean I want to be controlled, sold, lessened or weakened, it means i want a man who can match me energetically and be masculine and powerful enough in the most spiritual of ways to hold the space for the power that is me. Fuck that he hasn’t showed up yet. Fuck that!

      • Mike Hrostoski

        He will show up. Stay soft. It’s easy to harden with all of the craziness in this world. It’s easy to close your heart after it’s been hurt time after time.

        But I’d rather die before I let my heart close again.

        Trust. Surrender. Trust. Surrender. Trust. Surrender.

        You are beautiful and worthy of love.

        Thank you for your note. <3

        • leighvolve

          Thank you for your kindness. And the reminder to surrender. xo

  • Gretchen Wegner

    Love this!! I coined the word “grumpitude” last year around Thanksgiving when I got so tired of people focusing on “gratitude” so much… so your

  • Gretchen Wegner

    Whoops. Hit “go” too early. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your post makes me really really really happy. I don’t have any “Fucks” right in this moment except a big one: Fuck migraines. Go grumpitude!

  • Leslie

    ABSOLUTELY FUCK how hard I struggle on the daily to stay in the moment while i fear for my financial well-being while working and going to nursing school!!!!! FUCK THE GODDAMN state and government for making paying for school a fucking nightmare!!!!! Fuck not having enough freetime!! FUCK my now ex who i recetly broke up with for his verbal abuse! Fuck the piece of shit entitled customers i serve coffee to while they talk on their goddamn phones and dont acknowledge me! Fuck worrying about money!!!! Fuck paying over student loans for 25 years!!

  • Ajay Naik

    This is a fucking great game. This could become a great fucking precursor to Meditation. Getting all the fucking shit out of our systems. You are 1 fucking yogi. A fucking salute to you for this funky fucking idea. It cud b a good way to get alk the fuckers to get all their fucked up minds to empty like fucking catharsis used by psycho therapists.

  • Mr.B~

    Fuck the ‘churched’ that can’t think for themselves.~

  • Roxanne

    Fuck Autism

  • Roxanne

    Fuck the CDC for all there lies

  • thinkingforyourself

    fuck this self glorified narcissistic trash that I wasted time reading.


    Fuck all the motherfuckers who don’t do fuck, fuck ignorant people, fuck the self righteous people who have a problem with the word FUCK. Do I have gratitude for some shit? Sure, but who gives a FUCK, I’m the reason why I have most of those things to be grateful for. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…….Its November 2nd and it’s like 40 degrees outside with 30 MPH hour winds…..WHAT THE FUCK…..I think I’ll go back to bed, nudge my sweetie and well………you know :-)

  • Shmizer

    Your focus seems to be on STUFF. You have already lost.

    “Fuck Best Buy and their store hours, making me come back today after wasting an hour there trying to buy a fucking iPhone 6.” #CONSUMER

    “Fuck this tank top manufacturer…” #CONSUMER

    “Fuck working so hard all the time, can’t I just win at life now and call it quits?” #LAZYCONSUMER

    “Fuck doing anything that doesn’t feel good.” #CONSUMERPROPAGANDA

    We expressed and expressed and expressed our anger at everything and everything. Even towards each other.

    “Fuck you for being cheap.” #CONSUMDERPROPAGANDA

    “Fuck you for buying organic everything. That shit’s like twice as expensive.” #CONSUMER

  • Courtney Weber

    I liked this article until I read your byline. You help men master their relationships with *their women*? Do they possess these women the way they possess “their cars” or “their jobs?” FUCK THAT. P.s., You do seem to have a lot of good things to say. Rewording a few things would improve a few things.

  • Cynthia Jones

    Fuck my coffee because it’s not organic.
    Fuck me for buying stuff that’s not organic because I think I’m too poor to do it.
    Fuck my pity-party over being disabled.
    Fuck grocery store chains for pricing organics so high and packaging them in plastic while leaving the chemically-laden stuff out in the air.
    Fuck my mother for being a selfish, psychopathic narcissist and ruining my life.
    Fuck my psycho mother for turning my family against me.
    Fuck my family for buying into my psycho mother’s shit because they all know know what she is.
    Fuck the state of Georgia for getting rid of subsidized housing for the poor.
    Fuck the state of Georgia for making it impossible for anyone to get Medicaid who gets more than 50% of the FPL.

    Fuck the state of Georgia and DFCS for screwing-up the lives of hundreds of thousands because they want to save some money every now & then by discontinuing poor peoples’ food stamps then blaming on the system.
    Fuck people whose primary language is English and who don’t bother to use it properly.
    Fuck paid, professional writers for not using spell-check and for not correcting it when it’s wrong.
    Fuck Nescafe for indoctrinating Third-World countries into believing in the farce we call, “The American Dream.”
    Fuck the American Dream.
    Fuck people who blow sunshine & rainbows up my skirt when I’m miserably suicidally-depressed.
    ….I have more but fear I may kill the thread go over a character limit.

  • Cynthia Jones

    Fuck the cats for teasing my dog about her food when they know how insecure she is about it.
    Fuck team sports.
    Fuck spiritual celebrities.
    Fuck Big-Pharma.
    Fuck whomever abused my dog 12 years ago and left her at the pound for 8 weeks to be up for euthanization just before I found her and rescued her.
    Fuck my 20-year old niece who thinks she’s better than me just because she has a new car whose downpaymnet and name was put in my psycho-mother’s so she could get a good rate, something the woman never did for me, and for having, basically the same life I had at that age, and for not realizing in her youthful arrogance that she will be right where I am in 20 years and will have burned her bridge with me.
    Fuck my step-father who has been having holiday family gatherings without me for 7 years.
    Fuck my niece for telling me about the last fuck.
    Fuck my stepfather for jerking-off to pics of me then blaming me for the demise of his marriage to my mother when I told her because he wouldn’t.
    fuck my psycho-mother for taking my stepfather for everything he had while battling cancer and not helping me when I was in dire-straights, sick and facing homelessness.
    Fuck Monsanto.
    Fuck Koch.
    Fuck the top 1% who think paying more taxes to fund social programs for the poor is punishment for making more money.
    Fuck the IRS and the US. Government for letting the 1% take their business overseas to get out of paying taxes in their own fucking countries!
    Fuck the 1%.
    Fuck my ex-boyfriend, Alan, for leaving me for homeless and going against his promise that we’d never end our relationship unless it was mutually-agreed upon while I begged him on my knees in tears not to leave me.
    Fuck Alan for taking away my ability to trust another man and ruining my current relationship.
    Fuck Alan for using me as a masturbatory tool even when it hurt me and I was in so much pain I was in seizures on the floor while you ignored me.
    Fuck Alan for thinking his penis is all he needed to be a decent lover.
    Fuck Ted for falling for my sick mother’s seduction as a way of destroying our 20+ year friendship because she needed to get back at me for being the object of her ex-husband’s desire and thusly the demise of her marriage.
    Fuck spell-check for not knowing what, “thusly,” means.
    Fuck my phone for going off every 30 minutes.
    Fuck me for stepping on that broken glass while arguing with my partner and causing serious nerve damage, rupturing an artery and needing 20 stitches.
    Fuck the dust-mites in my bed for causing me 5 years of allergies and for making me need to sleep on the couch for 3 months.
    Fuck corporate farming for ruining the lives of family farms and for destroying the, “Bread Basket.”
    Fuck thee assholes in my city who STILL drive Hummers.
    Fuck faux southern hospitality.
    Fuck people who don’t vote and for being the reason this state is predominantly Republican.
    Fuck women who have babies to have someone to love them.
    Fuck women who have babies to entrap men for a free ride.
    Fuck the social programs who won’t help a single, disabled, white woman because she’s not black or spawned.
    …but wait, there’s more…

  • Cynthia Jones

    Fuck America for letting Bush, Jr. get into the White House.
    Fuck Jr. for making it socially acceptable to use mispronounce the word, “nuclear,” as ,”nucular.” That really pisses me off!
    Fuck America for not living up to the Kyoto Accord.
    Fuck America for making me ashamed to be American.
    Fuck the south for making me ashamed to be a southerner, by birth.
    Fuck Jr. for getting us into a war without an ending just to prove to himself he’s a better man than his daddy. That backfired, eh?
    Fuck the War on Drugs.
    Fuck men who rape.
    Fuck the jerks who posted pictures of Kurt Cobain’s dead body online for all to see and for all the people who actually WANTED to see that shit.
    Fuck society for allowing it to be the norm that what is considered a beautiful woman is basically a hairless, per-pubescent boy with tits and a vagina.
    Fuck society for allowing the aforementioned but making it acceptable for fat, ugly old men to fuck anorexic 20-year-olds.
    Fuck society for making all women feel insecure about themselves and birthing generations of eating disorders.
    Fuck society for rebuking the notion that a mother can be as cruel as mine and for causing so many women of my generation (Gen-X) to suffer while others judge us thinking we’re the problem for daring to soil the institution of motherhood when it was our mothers who did horrible things to us.
    Fuck the Baby-Boomers who take pride in calling themselves the, “ME-Generation.”
    Fuck Atlanta drivers who are worse than those in L.A.
    Fuck my inability to rise above my past and build a new life for myself and for my weaknesses. *cries*

  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Fuck being in pain all of the time because my body is being wracked by disabilit
    Fuck that I complain so much that I get annoyed with myself
    Fuck that I lack motivation and confidence to do what I want
    Fuck that I’m afraid of failure, despite knowing logically that it’s okay to fail
    Fuck that I get overly moody and treat people poorly sometimes
    Fuck when people only contact me for a favor and not for companionship
    Fuck that I feel obligated to help these fuckers
    Fuck that I haven’t been visiting my grandfather in the nursing home as much as I wish I could
    Fuck that I work middle shift and have virtually no time to do anything for me
    Fuck that I have so many fucks
    Fuck that my team of doctors are crappy fuckers
    Fuck that I’ve been waiting for shit to happen but not actually being the catalyst for those happenings
    Fuck that I feel so miserable living where I do
    Fuck that I am too lazy to de-clutter my home and get rid of things that are cluttering my life
    Fuck that I hate my living situation
    Fuck that I give a fuck sometimes about how people think of me
    Fuck that I am not more connected with my spiritual side
    Fuck that I am shitty at making commitments, especially those that would help me
    Fuck my memory problems
    Fuck that my dad died before I could get to know him
    Fuck that my fucking mother left me when I was a kid because she “wasn’t ready”
    Fuck that I was abused until the age of 13 at home
    Fuck that I tried to take my life
    Fuck that I have been too selfish to let go of some things
    Fuck big companies that prey on the poor
    Fuck not being able to get disability even if I really need it
    Fuck working a full-time job that is tearing me apart and causing so much pain
    Fuck that I can’t find something besides cannabis to quell the pain
    Fuck that my state doesn’t have laws for medical cannabis
    Fuck that cannabis is even illegal in the US
    Fuck that the hemp industry is virtually non-existent despite the many uses and sustainability
    Fuck deforestation
    Fuck Monsanto
    Fuck parents who think it’s okay to not vaccinate their kids
    Fuck parents who don’t take their kids out to be with others their age
    Fuck people who think they know everything
    Fuck that I can be one of those people sometimes
    Fuck that I’m not always happy with the hand I’ve been dealt
    Fuck that I am in this constant and shitty cycle of monotany

    That does feel a little better. :3

  • Cynthia Jones

    Fuck me for not having sex with my loving and devoted partner of nearly 2 years in over 6 months because of my traumatic feelings and selfishness.
    Fuck me for not being able to get past my past.
    Fuck me for being disabled and weak with C-PTSD for 10 years.
    Fuck the state of Georgia and Medicare for never telling me in 9 years of disability that there were subsidies to pay for my Medicare premiums, being my stated reason for declining healthcare all these year. I could have been off disability by now.

    Fuck my life circumstances for being so stressful that my body seems to be going into early menopause. I’m only 45. :-(
    Fuck online trolls.
    Fuck arrogant and money-hungry therapists who say they can help me, take my money for months, then say something wildly inappropriate which reveals that they have no idea how to help me.
    Fuck my partner for insisting on sleeping with his cats, to whom I am allergic, and making me unable to sleep in my bed, well, partially why.
    Fuck my partner for insisting on sleeping with his cats and having trained his oldest one to need it for 20+ years and causing us to have separate beds and bedrooms when we move.
    Fuck all the people in the past 10 years who said they’d help me to move to Oregon or Vermont and then rescinded the offer. I just needed a little hep to get my life together.
    Fuck the aforementioned and the state of Georgia for its rotten healthcare for the poor. leaving me with two decayed teeth, and one broken tooth in my head for over a year.
    Fuck my psycho mother for refusing ot help pay for my much-needed ENT appointment for the 6-month long sinus infection which resulted in a deviated septum and a need for sinus reconstructive surgery and the need to actually ask my new partner and someone I dated a few times prior for money to pay for it out of utter desperation.

  • Cynthia Jones

    Fuck the Christian churches in the south who have flaming crosses on their signs and for such blatant insensitivity or blindness, I dunno which.
    Fuck Christians who think they are the only ones capable of truly loving.
    Fuck Christians who don’t know their religion’s history yet espouse it as THE only real religion when it’s actually one of the smallest-practiced in the world.
    Fuck American Nationalism that will lead us straight into the same situation as Nazi Germany.
    Fuck Democracy as a failing form of government because it means the lowest-common-denominator makes all the rules/laws.
    Fuck the medical industry and our government legislation for allowing Big-Pharma to underwrite insurance companies who decide on hoe our doctors treat us.
    Fuck non-anonymous, corporate campaign contributions and the laws which allow for it.
    Fuck lawyers, well most of them.
    Fuck Legal Aid Atlanta for discriminating against me for my bankruptcy because I am disabled.
    Fuck Grady Hospital for refusing to treat me with a ruptured appendix, leaving me to a private hospital without insurance and the ensuing $30k in medical debt which caused me to need to go Bankrupt because no lawyer would take my litigation case on contingency against a charity hospital.
    Fuck Republicans. Did I already fuck them? I should have.
    Fuck the DEA for making it impossible for me to get proper pain medications for my foot injury.
    Fuck the DEA outright – they need to not exist.
    Fuck the assholes who made MJ a Schedule 1 Narcotic.
    Fuck me for having all this bottled-up inside and making so many typos as I purge them.
    Fuck all the men who said they were my friend and allowed me to depend on and confide in them only to, when they finally accepted that we’d never have sex, just disappeared or made a nasty scene, scaring me and nearly raping me.
    Fuck people for judging me for being disabled.
    Fuck faux liberals.
    Fuck Tea-Partiers who are so stupid as to not realize they and their, ‘political affiliation’ are merely part of a corporate front.

  • Cynthia Jones

    I know I’m carrying around a LOT of anger. I have much more but I need to get ready to go eat with my partner as we are both getting hungry. In the words or Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.”

  • cora

    Enjoyed reading this. And Alex, get over yourself. Retarded is not politically correct, but fuck the people who go around looking for the one thing they can criticize.

  • carol

    Fuck any atheist that dumps on Christians that allow the to be who they are. Still like them regardless of being an athiest.

  • Ed Stabler

    Fuck normalcy for fencing me in. Fuck me for letting it fence me in!

  • fuckstick

    fuck you you fucking fuckers!

  • Summer

    Fuck the fucking comments.

  • Sam

    Seems like a good opportunity to observe after griping (fucking) all day. So, do more things happen the next day and the days after to say “Fuck it” to? Or do less things happen, or is there even a change at all? Do you always feel empty of “baggage” after saying “Fuck …” all day, or is it just good the first few times, until you get fucking addicted and it changes your consciousness and what you invite into your life?
    BTW, According to Alex’s comment; retarded is a word that does not anymore refer to people with developmental disabilities. No big “FUCKING” deal.

    • Sam

      ‘m not religious, maybe spiritual, I like to say God Bless instead. God Bless Monsanto, God Bless… God Bless… Positive shifts are more likely to happen.

  • Farhad Khurshed

    Gosh! I’m not a prude, but didn’t know people have to use the F word to make a point.
    Where’s your class guys and girls?

  • Really?

    Fuck low performing men and their relationships with their women and their work (?)

  • Happily Hopeless

    Just remember the bumper sticker, “I feel so much better now that I’ve given up hope”

  • Stringer

    Fuck this middle class shit waffle… the word retarded does not necessarily have to pertain to the human condition or sense of being humanly retarded many things can exhibit retardation…. Fuck being held to account by a society that is in essence a materialist, morally righteous, vessel for hypocrits… live a life that’s free or die choking on a wank.

  • Nate

    Check out the app Let It Go: Vent and Release

  • shiva777

    Wow what a shitstorm this comment section is! It is pretty hilarious that some readers of this blog get so up-in-arms about a “wrong” word. It’s the intention of a word that is the point….is it “Fuck You!” or “Hey wanna fuck?” (and I also know many beautiful, empowered women who would like a little more “fucking” to balance out the “making love” in the bedroom). And really if someone saying something is retarded because they don’t like it spins you out, you should find the true source of your anger….no one can really emotionally spin you out but YOU so take responsibility for your own anger.

  • Shannon Hearn

    Fuck you women who think you can walk all over a man then call him weak or less then a man……when he fucks off an you and you wonder why hes with another woman….well look what he had to come home too every fuckin night.

  • Ora_Mi

    fuck people trying to define my intent for me. grammar, retard nigger nigga cunt. These are just words when i use them i own them. you are not required to like that. Nor is it up for your approval you do not know me.
    Fuck being PC i am not PC.. I am an ADULT ! Have a seat 😀

  • Cyrano

    Fuck people who use fuck as a crutch

  • Cyrano

    Fuck people who complain about their minor inconveniences during their consumer whoring

  • Jake

    Fuck over sensitive politically correct assholes who think that mentally handicapped or challenged is somehow better than retarded.

  • kaylie

    Fuck lactose intolerance! It’s fucking hot and I wanna eat ice cream without shitting myself.

  • Nrask

    so i showed this artical to my girlfriend over breakfast and she said this after reading it:

    “hey guy who wrote that article, you had me at: “Liz and I just played a game after breakfast.

    I like playing games. It’s my zone of genius”

    and by ‘had me’ i mean, i almost vomited in my mouth and knew you were a fcukign idiot. zone of genius? you’re a fucking idiot. fuck you, you fucking annoying fake guru.

    i hate people on the internet

    fuck everyone in those comments”

    pretty much summed up all my thoughts.

  • macattack

    Fuck that shark that bit my hand!

  • Adam

    fuck your thinking that only men need to “step up”…people on both sides of the gender aisle are doing a pretty piss-poor job in a LOT of departments these days, and fuck your thinking that only white men are raping the planet… there have been a lot of strides made in racial equality in the past several decades and there are members of every race earning nice salaries to help rape the planet.

  • Human animal

    Fuck the concepts of political correctness and culture appropriation, fuck the morons who coined them.

  • victoria

    Fuck everyone that makes me feel uncomfortable to share my thoughts on the Internet no matter the scale of what I say.

  • Janelle Henderson

    Fuck all those motherfucking drug dealers who turn and prey on the vulnerable and then the parents have to then pick up the pieces when it all becomes too much…..fuck that shit!!!

  • Susee

    Fuck cancer and those who treat it and us with contempt just to make money … fuck liars … fuck life that took my glorious niece … fuck all people who are being careless with their rubbish throwing it out of the car or dumping on the side of the road … fuck friends who want you to agree with everything they say and do … fuck hatred … fuck politicians who if their mouths are open are telling a lie … fuck cigarettes that are so so hard to quit … fuck the woman who ran into the back of my car and made me disabled and was so horrid at the time and all the time … fuck people who won’t accept that they did something wrong and wont admit it … fuck people who take children for sex or financial gain … fuck the USA and their allies for the wars they create so they can sell weapons to both sides to make money … fuck war that kills innocents … fuck war that creates PTSD .. how can it not? …. fuck religion … fuck roads and shit that cover the earth … fuck carbon … fuck chemtrails … fuck poison disguised as weed killer … fuck money the love of which is the root of all evil … fuck power mongers … fuck greedy people for whom enough is never enough … fuck the Aust Government for allowing drilling on our Great Barrier reef … fuck the Aust Government to allow felling of ancient trees in Tasmania … fuck the mining companies that don’t give a shit as long as they make money … fuck Gina Rhineheart who is a greedy narsisisit .. ditto Clive Palmer … Fuck Tony Abbot for being so weak that he loves money and power …

  • Kathy

    Bless your fucking soul Mike Hrostoski. Retarded is as retarded fucking does, it is a word, it is the fucking intention that goes with everything that is the fucking issue.

    I was scorned years ago for my insistence that cussing was a release, and I knew then, what I share now, it is a NECESSARY release. Yes, spiritually we need to elevate ourselves and others, but there is no way we can, when our souls are mired in so much fucking pain. Letting it the fuck go!! Only love will fucking be left!!

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  • Paul Snell

    Fuck palm oil and the greedy fucks that produce the fucking shit

  • Geeg

    Fuck religions that turn the other way at child molestation and only give the fucking chesters a smack on the hand. Fuck religions that are lenient on men, yet make women toe the line for the same sins. Fuck our judicial system for the crazy ass “statue of limitations” in which a person that has been hurt can report a crime. They don’t care that some survivors of child molestation, rape, or other serious trauma may have suppressed memories and when they finally are able to remember, they can’t do anything because of fucking statue of limitations!!! Fuck child molesters who hide behind masks and labels such as being “retarded” so they don’t have to face the consequences of their actions.

  • Geeg

    Fuck passive aggressive people who like drama.

  • Geeg

    Fuck the smug people in churches who think that going to church makes them better than you.

  • Geeg

    Thank you for this post and game Mr. Hrostoski. It is very cathartic.

  • Amanda Gustafson

    My husband is a recovered alcoholic/drug addict. He was introduced to the 12 steps through AA and still regularly takes “inventory”, which is really just owning up to your resentments. Your game reminds me of it, but why stop with the “fucks”? The thing about inventory (4th step) that is revelatory is that after you write your “fucks”, you consider your resentments in these terms:

    “Putting out of our minds the wrongs others had done, we resolutely looked for our

    own mistakes. Where had we been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking and frightened?”

    There’s more to it, but that’s the gist. Anyway, I’m not in AA and don’t have any personal stake in posting this info. I just think you’re on to something…almost. Take the next step! How do we play a part in the things we resent?

  • IMMikeMurphy

    Fuck crappy, un-engaging blogs that done have the balls to be edgy and try new things like Mike Hrostoski

    Yep, feels good…I could go on ALL day. :-)

  • coltov mocktail

    fuck you special victim status people for pretending that you got it any worse than anyone else

  • TheICTShamus

    Fuck it all

  • David Hahn

    Fuck my dog who is smart enough to know to go outside to shit, but thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to just sit and vomit on the couch. And fuck people who think that if they are offended by words, the first thing they need to do is get someone fired.

  • steve

    You’re not very smart…rich white men are the only ones?…let’s get real…the English…not all white people…how about them Chinese rich bastards?…oh yeah they are fucking over more people right now…you are a meaningless peon. You small minded hopeless person.

  • Simon James Bailey

    Fuck you for making me fuck you on a day I had promised myself “only good thoughts”.

  • Jon

    Wow, this is the most annoying thing I’ve ever read in my life.

  • LL

    Fuck this economy and making it to where BOTH parents have to work, in order to survive, and that college is the ONLY way to have a good life. Fuck college for making me feel like a loser for even trying.

  • Ruth Elliott

    Fuck having to check the parking lot every damn I leave work to make sure I can get to my car safely.

  • Steph C

    fuck all our egotistical reactions!

  • rooooarrrrr

    Fuck working my as into the ground only to pinch by with nothing extra for our kids
    Fuck 29 hours being the cut off to be considered full time
    Fuck working 2 jobs
    Fuck bills
    Fuck addictions
    Fuck these seemingly endless struggles
    Fuck my mother unit for being so selfish angry and life sucking
    And just Fuck her
    Fuck everybody in this world as a matter of fact that are selfish heartless and greedy
    Fuck emotions and wondering why all the time
    Fuck abusers of any sort
    Fuck feelings Fuck worry
    Fuck politicians
    Fuck our twisted government
    Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I feel better
    Wow wasn’t expecting that
    *wipes sweat from brow*

  • Anne Wayman

    Fuck feeling I have to contribute to this… that it might be ‘good’ for me whatever the fuck that means.

    Fuck the promise of more space around me and fuck my sense I know exactly what you mean.

    Fuck that I keep postponing the books/articles etc. that I want to write in favor of “earning a living.”
    Fuck earning a living.
    Fuck the way the game is set up
    Fuck me for not knowing how to change it… or maybe I do.

  • Jasecase

    Fuck this post! Fuck everyone who thinks they need to make a fucking debate about every little god dam thing posted by faceless fucking button clickers! Fuck technology for stealing the youth of everyone! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck! SUCK IT!

  • me

    Fuck You!!

  • J

    Fuck this dumb article and fuck full of shit self proclaimed “spiritual people”. And fuck your bullshit suggestion that anyone can have whatever they want if they just “allow themselves”. No, they can’t. Your “The Secret” pseudo-philosophizing will never help people whose suffering is not caused by them. And contrary to your entitled, overfed american ideology, that’s most people in the world.

  • zdita

    Including the fucks in this comment, the other comments, and in the post, there are a total of 942 fucks currently on this page.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Someone has a lot of fucking time on their hands. 😉

      • relivantivity

        Copying and pasting the entire article and comments thread into a computer software program that analyzes the number of occurrences for a given string can be done in less than one minute.

        Exactly 1400 at the time of this reply

  • Tanya Davidson

    Dude, love the post. Gratitude as a cop out is stinky and lame.I think this post blows the top off an issue for some. But I see it as a bit dualistic. Maybe you didn’t mean it that way. Let’s just say that my red hot anger rocket when properly applied kicks ass. I love what Aristotle said about anger (paraphrased): to get angry in the right way, at the right time, for the right reason – is an art. I think anger is A NECESSITY. Its a great catalyst for action, and unexpressed anger leads to all sorts of nasty shit. Yet – my anger (not always as above, I’m a work in progress) still leaves room for gratitude. The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. I can be gracious as all get out some days, and an angry bitch another. That’s life (and hormones). So yes, I agree – anybody that is using gratitude to move past/through anger has got it all wrong. That anger is gonna come back bigger and badder, and there are some things that aren’t meant to be meditated away. You gotta use the right tools for the job, and if the job calls for a hammer, bust it out. If the job calls for a feather, then wave that thing around be gentle-tough in that self awareness.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Hell yes, you are correct.

      There is duality in everything.

      All “advice” is wrong.

      So just keep checking in with your gut to use the appropriate response.

      All of the answers are inside of you.

      I know, it sounds like New Age bullshit to me too.

      But it’s so true.

      • Tanya Davidson

        Hahahahaha – we can run, but we can’t hide… you might enjoy this book. i read it for school. loved it. still have a ton to learn. Rock on.

  • alex heurta

    (Author) “Mike Hrotoski helps high performing men master their relationships & ‘their women’ and their work”….? Seriously??? Is this seriously your byline?

  • judyd

    Fuck the horse racing industry .. in Melbourne , Australia.. one horse dead and another fighting for life.

  • Jeanne Wallace

    You lost me at stupid retarded motherfuckers. I work with developmentally disabled adults for a living.

  • Thomas

    Fuck you for writing this article.

  • Arbee

    F..k the ego that creates the compulsion to say the word F..k. Just being PC, (persistently constrained). I actually love my ego. Like my dog. I would not go anywhere without it, keep it on a leash and clean up the messes.

  • Jeff Gerbino

    Fuck the women who won’t fuck me! I’d fuck em but they won’t fucking let me!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yo, I totally feel you. I remember how that was.

      These three books are pretty epic in that area:
      1. The Way Of The Superior Man
      2. Mode One
      3. No More Mr. Nice Guy

      Thanks for being a little vulnerable in your post Jeff.

      I’m sure things are looking up from here for you in regards to the world of women.

  • Jane

    Fuck infertility.

  • Anne H

    F*** whatever it is in me that won’t let me play this game because I “can’t” say f***!

  • Harry Burton

    Feeling Fucked Up
    Lord she’s gone done left me done packed / up and split
    and I with no way to make her
    come back and everywhere the world is bare
    bright bone white crystal sand glistens
    dope death dead dying and jiving drove
    her away made her take her laughter and her smiles
    and her softness and her midnight sighs—

    Fuck Coltrane and music and clouds drifting in the sky
    fuck the sea and trees and the sky and birds
    and alligators and all the animals that roam the earth
    fuck marx and mao fuck fidel and nkrumah and
    democracy and communism fuck smack and pot
    and red ripe tomatoes fuck joseph fuck mary fuck
    god jesus and all the disciples fuck fanon nixon
    and malcolm fuck the revolution fuck freedom fuck
    the whole muthafucking thing
    all i want now is my woman back
    so my soul can sing

  • disqus_Bq1N4MW3YG

    Fuck people who play word police to hijack your clever discourse and use it as an excuse to play victim.

  • Pearl

    Fuck cancer!

    • sarah

      and specifically fuck brain cancer which took my gorgeous son at age 27 when he was just beginning to fucking figure everything out. he had a fucking job, a fucking girlfriend, had his first fucking apartment, and had even fucking joined a band. then he got the worst fucking headache ever and died a year later. fuck research for doing fucking nothing for fucking decades to cure this fucking hellacious disease. fuck prayer and everyone who says it will save fucking anyone. fuck people who think that you get over fucking grief. fuck the days I do feel normal because they are fucked up too.

  • Jackie Carlino

    Fuck this for making me realize I don’t need to give a fuck…now what do I do? :) Now I have zero fucks to give…and I feel better. Thank you!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Now you do whatever the hell you want.

      Whatever makes your heart sing.
      Whatever makes you so happy you tear up a little.
      Whatever your favorite thing to do as a kid was.

      Whatever. :)

  • Tal

    Fuck everybody for being so stupid and inattentive to anything they cross by and allow the world to remain the way it is. Fuck the universe for creating such unfair laws and experiences for some people. Fuck my frustration and confusion. Fuck it so much. Fuck my family for making yourselves seem like selfless angels and making me feel guilty for hating you when you’re the ones who bring me down over and over. Fuck every fucking person for I know they would only listen to something an integrated person says because it feels more powerful than if an unintegrated person with an emotion of being unheard says even if that low vibed person is ten times more right. Fuck the government for thinking they can play a guessing game with people’s lives because they think they’re any higher. Fuck everyone for fearing other people. Fuck my heart’s choice Diana for abandoning me and my emotional needs, never listening to me asking the same questions and me being desperate for a little heartwarming attention. Fuck my heart’s choices for making me feel that I’m not important to my loves as much as they are important to me. Fuck all my previous friends who always blamed me for hurting them when I’m the one who held in my pain from them. Fuck my ugly body and my ugly face. Fuck being distant from those who only exist in my imagination so far. Fuck everyone for making my heart wish I was invisible, wish I was transparent, so I can be me without anyone interfering. Fuck it all. I just want to be me. I just wanna break. I wish I had me to be me… AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lenny

    Fuck my ex and fuck cowards and fuck the word cant and fuvk limitations

  • Lisa

    I’m one of those spiritual people who uses gratitude to bypass anger. I need to say fuck you more often. So thanks for pointing that out, I mean “fuck you” for pointing that out :-)

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  • Rape survivor

    Fuck your use of he word rape

  • Kel S

    Fuck the comments section after uplifting, feel-good articles and posts. It sucks to finish reading something lovely only to immediately have it followed up by negative, ignorant, nit-picking, blather…. Like what I’m writing right now;-)

  • paul larcher

    FUCK this limited material body! Why did i fucking choose to be trapped here for so long..

  • Uma Katie Bode

    thank you – i just posted my first “fuck” list on my Facebook. you are brilliant. this is brilliant.

  • You heard me

    Fuck comments and the people that make them

  • Laura Allen

    I call that the “Fuck you, Namaste” phenomenon.

  • aleangelico

    Fuck the political correct idiots that can’t even speak for “not been ofensive”.

  • Devion Santo Contreras

    Fuck you too for allowing us spiritual people to continue to alleviate our daily stress levels by staying positive and ridding our souls of unwanted negativity. lol

  • Totally fucked

    Fuck my stupid dickwad of an arsehole ex-husband for being such a total prick
    Fuck my ex-daughter-in-law for not allowing me to have access to my only grandchild
    Fuck me for being a total dickhead and allowing the above mentioned people to have so much control over me, even though they are no longer in my life
    Fuck my mother for getting old. It’s scary
    Fuck my Dad for dying before his time and not being here to hug me when I need him right now (sorry Dad. I love you)
    Fuck everything

  • Tieg Mowbray

    Fuck Isis! And fuck being on the fence. Fuck people who think killing other people is somehow god’s will. Fuck God!

  • Robin

    I liked reading this, all but the word retarded. As the mother of a special needs adult I know the pain it causes. Yes it was a medical term & the organizations are getting around to changing. The DMR (Dept of Mental Retardation) is now the DDS (Dept of Developmental Services). It’s not about being “PC” and giving in to complainers. It’s about protecting a vulnerable population that is already so stereotyped. If it wasn’t for the ignorant people who use the word retarded to mean stupid instead of the medical term, there wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, my daughter has an Intellectual Disability but she overcomes & compensates & works hard to live in this world that widely misunderstands her.
    If you’re interested, she interviewed Andy Biersack & Jake Pitts from the Black Veil Brides,
    and her blog address is
    And fuck the people who don’t want to read it :)

  • Thomas

    Fuck this pc world, being politically correct is the new racism!

  • Cynthia Jones

    Fuck the mod for not allowing ANY of my MANY FUCKS to be published here! 😛

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  • Nofuckstogive

    Fuck everyone and everything! Hate is not the opposite of love indifference is !!! Truly I have no fucks to give anymore !!! God please end this pain !!!

  • Marian

    fuck if i know what’s next!!!!

  • Sheryn Church Blanchard

    Fuck physical pain!
    Fuck Drs that don’t understand or care to!
    Fuck people that think you can just think yourself well.
    Fuck people that say just give it to God!
    Fuck people who say God will never put on you more than you can handle. I call BULLSHIT!!!
    Fuck people that think they know God’s will or think they are God!

    Fuck people that think their beliefs should dictate what everyone else should do!

    Fuck people demanding people should be forced to go on living even thought they must suffer excruciating pain every minute of every day with no hope of it ever getting better and knowing it will only get worse and that eventually they will have to have to have their family watch them deteriorate and even have to wipe their ass for them until the day they finally are blessed to cease to exist in this life!

    Fuck cold weather that chills to the bone from which there is no relief!
    Fuck people that manipulate others for their own gain! Fuck child molesters and child abusers!
    Fuck people in authority that use that authority to hurt those that trust them.
    Fuck big corporations that screw us all over and make it nearly impossible to make it paycheck to paycheck.
    Fuck people that park in handicap parking spaces that are not handicapped!
    Fuck people that think disabled people are freeloaders that are mooching off the system like we never paid in thinking we get huge amounts of money while in fact we often as skipping meals and doing without in silence while you judge us.
    Fuck parent that think their children can do no wrong that only teach their children and that they are owed everything in life for nothing.
    OK that’s a start…lol It does feel good!

  • Tomalosh

    Fuck the fucks that fuck up the planet and make so many suffer in exchange for power and wealth. Fuck the concepts and constraints we have invented and created that prevent us from being so much more than most of us are. Fuck me for always seeking the path of least resistance

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  • RDB

    This should have a hashtag so that all people can use it and get things off their chest on social media… #?

  • Little Rabbit

    Fuck trolls who try to make me look like an ass, and make me feel like they succeed, because I have a difficult time expressing thoughts I’ve never expressed before.

  • Cal

    Fuck people who expect the best when they only give the worst.

  • Carol Epstein

    This reminds me of John Lennon’s song “God” where he names the things he doesn’t believe in, and his song “Imagine” where he again asks us to question the status quo. Freeing your emotional baggage every once in a while in a healthy game, as long as you’re not hurting anyone can be liberating. Fuck rules!

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  • Ron Gego

    Looks like ‘fuck’ is the ultimate word. You can’t go further than that.

  • Dan


  • Diana

    Whoa! Really? That’s a good one

  • http://gmail Paul

    i love being able to slip in my feelings among all this bullshit. I am testing the water here.

  • Broc

    Fuck judgment
    Fuck self righteousness

  • Kate (Cathy Johnson)

    Indeed, Susee–once you start a ball rolling downhill, it’s gotta keep going!

    And Mike, maybe you’re right that it might be better to do it privately…but oh my that IS a useful exercise, isn’t it? That’s a word I’ve found useful all my life. Not, generally, in public, but ohmyyess…

    So thank you. My first laugh for the day!

  • Marco D.

    Today I have been given a reason to feel the way I feel and I’ll express it:

    FUCK all the big companies that put money and profits over people, human quality, human values, principles and work ethics.That don’t have consideration towards the employee, sucking all of their energy and are also making millions on their FUCKING behalf! FUCK this nonsense goal that’s achieving the budget while being short on staff and stuff!

    FUCK all the companies that do a huge food wastage rather than save it for charities or give it to employees for free!

    FUCK the feeling that I have like a bird imprisoned in a cage!

    Well…it’s a good start…at least I feel much lighter in my chest now…uff!
    I recommend you to join this game below…just FUCK IT and you will feel much better afterwords.

  • Coco

    This is insane. This piece is so ignorant and negative. I am literally shocked at the support.

    • Michael Hrostoski

      Oh? Say more Coco.

      Personally I’m not really afraid of my emotions anymore. It’s a much healthier, freer, lighter space for me to live from. At least that how I experience life now.

      How is this “ignorant” and “negative?”

  • Jessica

    Fuck infertility.

  • Jessica

    Fuck adoption.

  • Jill

    Fuck my regular job for always making me sick and not paying enough or giving me enough hours. Fuck everyone for not believing in me while I am trying to get my new company off the ground and make a better life for myself. Fuck everyone for not believing in themselves to not take a chance and join me. Fuck feeling sick all the time! Fuck the accident that put me on this path! You will NOT defeat me! Fuck everyone that thinks I have to stay in a dead end job and work ungodly hours just to retire broke with nothing to show for it! I’m not going to do it and FUCK you for think that way. Just Fuck you and Fuck it. I absolutely do feel better. Now, I am going to go promote the hell out of my business and get it off the ground and Fuck anyone that gets in my way cause I will walk right the Fuck over you.

  • Jill

    No it actually isn’t. Get the cork out of your ass and let loose with everything that has ever made you angry. Let it out. Maybe if you did, would finally understand what it is all about and why it has gotten so much support. Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing kids running the streets, committing crimes and the parents having no accountability? Politicians lying to us all the time and getting away with it? The total crap that we put up with daily and never have an outlet for? Well here it is, let it out and just say Fuck You to it. You might surprise yourself with how much better you actually feel. Guess what? Fuck is just a word and it cannot hurt you. The ignorance is in not knowing that.

  • Jessica Kormos

    – Fuck my boyfriend’s chemical depression. It sucks and I hate it.

    – Fuck my Gram’s death and for leaving before I got to see her one last time.

    – Fuck being made to feel like a slut for being an empowered sexual being and fuck being made to be a prude if I’m not said slut.

    – Fuck all those people who think that because I feel pretty, or what to feel pretty, it means I don’t have a fucking brain.

    – Fuck cancer, because I’ve lost way too many people to it.

    -Fuck mental illness, because I’ve lost too many people to that, too.

    -Fuck Scotland for being so damn beautiful that I wanted to expatriate rightthisssecond.

    -Fuck wasting 20 years of my life feeling like I needed to play it small. Things never started working until I started playing big.

    -Fuck Viable Paradise and all the wonderful fucking people I met there. I fucking miss you all.

    -Fuck letting what other people think of you hold you back.

    -Fuck people who value being right over their relationships.

    -Fuck people who choose passive aggressiveness over actual communication.

    -Fuck this delicious iced coffee I made myself.

    -Fuck my nice warm blankets that make me want to lie in bed all day.

  • Michelle

    Fuck being emotionally attached to WORDS!

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  • Cortlea

    Fuck everyone jerking off to their gratitude on Facebook. What ever happened to anonymity and humility? To me, this heinous trend of “blessing broadcasting” is like doing an altruistic, kind deed for another and then having to let the whole damn world know about your deed so we can all hail your goodness. JUST SHUT UP ALREADY. If you are richly blessed, thank the Powers that Be for it and PAY IT FORWARD. Anonymously. Quietly. Humbly. And if life has handed you lemons for the time being, fuck your lemonade. Shake your fist sometimes. It’s fucking okay. Here’s what I think: It’s far more worthwhile to have the spark of creative spontaneity burning in you than choking on forced “positivity” and “gratitude.” Express what is wanting to be expressed through you, artfully. As a great spiritual teacher said, “Anger is just love being expressed as anger.”

  • David Cain

    Obviously I’m missing something here… what is this supposed to accomplish exactly?

    Nobody is left with “no fucks given” just because they cuss their way through a list of things they hate. Really — does saying “Fuck greedy corporations” actually alleviate you from ever being bothered by them again? Does it mean it doesn’t matter anymore? Obviously none of you expect it to fix anything in the real world.

    What I see here is the opposite of trying to understand our problems. Why try to understand why your partner wants to be frugal when you can just say, “Fuck you for being cheap!” Why try to understand the causes and conditions that allow for government corruption when you can just say “Fuck you crooked governments!”

    This just seems like a senseless indulgence that’s only going to reinforce your sense of self-righteousness. But it is possible I’m missing something here, because this post is really popular.

  • Allison

    Fuck the corrupt governments and organizations and big companies. Fuck all the bosses who expect you to work your ass off while they treat you like shit. Fuck sports players who make a ridiculous amount of money while others starve and struggle to get by. Fuck those assholes that think they are better than other people and judge and look down on others. Fuck whoever is in charge of firefighters wages, seriously, they risk their own lives and risk leaving their families behind for people they don’t even know! Fuck the religious people who are complete hipocrites. Fuck the people that ask you your opinion but get angry when you give them an honest one. Fuck that lady who almost hit my vehicle the other day by cutting me off, not using her signal, then giving ME the finger when I honk at her. Fuck those goddamn smart boards in schools! Fuck those parents that use electronics as babysitters, don’t have a kid if you don’t want to raise one! Fuck bullies! Fuck those ignorant little shits who don’t get up and move when an elderly person gets on a city bus! Fuck those people who don’t take two seconds out of their day to hold a door for someone who is right behind them! Fuck those people that go out for dinner or coffee or whatever and sit on their damn phone! And fuck that guy who thinks this post is pointless, you didn’t have to read it or respond to it!Fuck!

  • Ashraf Rahman

    Fuck my dad for being a pussy ass man and not living the day with powerful Godly might. Fuck the community for rejecting me as a kid and having me build up anger through out my adolescent years. Fuck the haters and the losers in my life that have dragged me down to the lowly chosen level. Fuck the hood straight up. I’m living good now. Fuck being weak. Fuck being lazy, Fuck not being everything I want right the fuck now. Fuck the dark elite thinking they can play the role of Lucifer. Oh I’m definitely gonna get you. I’m up and fucking coming. I am a young man and up going to hustle from the muscle. Fuck weak motherfuckers, you chose that life. Reprogram your subconscious mind. Replace sabotaging habits with good ones.

  • Connie Trowbridge

    Fuck myfitness pal that bitches at me because I’ve eaten too many calories

    Fuck calorie counting. I’ll eat what I want when I want

    Fuck drinking a gallon of water a day. I have to fucking pee ALL the time!

    Fuck “digging deeper” sometimes I don’t want to!

    Fuck anyone that tries to guilt me into having more kids.

    Fuck choosing the high road. Being the “bigger” person isn’t all that cracked up to be

    Fuck taking deep breaths when angry. Sometimes I rather just punch you in the face

    Fuck having to wear a bra. That shit is uncomfortable

    Fuck having to shave all the time

    Fuck minimum wage. I don’t know how anyone survives on that

    Fuck the cost of organic food. That shit is expensive.

    Fuck factory farming. All you mothafuckers should be skinned alive just like you do to those poor animals.

    Fuck you Monsato

    Fuck waiting for my father to die so he can ask me for forgiveness. OF COURSE you’re going to ask me for forgiveness on your death bed mothafucker. Fuck you.

    Fuck the boyfriend that dumped me by evicting me, then two months later begged me to marry him.

    Fuck the boss that said I would never make it as a writer. Look at me now bitchhhh

    Fuck me for outsourcing my happiness instead of balling up and taking responsibility for it

    Fuck me for wasting so many years being a victim

    • Bela Haze

      Fuck Yeah!

  • heydelray

    Fuck me for not putting me name here. I’m a fuckin’ wuss. Thinking of the fucking future employer whoo you want too hire you. Fucking eybord. I’m def in with fuckin the dumb ass bra. Fuck the bra. Fuck the shoes. Fuck the belt. Don’t fucking bind me!

  • Bela Haze

    FUCK big dick dudes with rude attitudes and exaggerated egos who think that a big dick is all you need in life, so FUCK developing any character. Yeah. I said that. So? FUCK penis envy!

  • Dallas

    Fake spiritual people use gratitude to bypass their anger. Real spiritual people incorporate both positive and negative into their framework for navigating existence. This is why there are two sides to a yin yang, and it takes both of them to make a whole.

    I think you have seen to many fake spiritual people. You started out having a point. A good point even. Then you lost it and just went to an extreme. Fuck Wyoming? Seriously? Anyone who harbors genuine anger toward a state is a moron who needs counseling.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m a spiritual person. This article made me angry because of how badly it failed. You shoulda just stopped when you ran out of things you had genuine anger about. It cheapens the word to apply it to every single thing you have a mild dislike for. It could have been an awesome article that should be read by every fake spiritual person who’s only spiritual so other people can think they’re spiritual. And it makes me really angry that this is not the awesome article it could be. And the thing is, I’m grateful for my anger. I wouldn’t be able to value happiness without suffering, no one would; they’re inseparable, gratitude and anger.

  • CLaire

    Fuck using the word “retarded.”

  • Eric Otto

    This is a piece of poetry.

  • Claire

    Fuck cancer. Fuck widowhood. Fuck headaches for a 14 year old so he misses most of the first quarter of high school. Fuck going to get an MRI for a fucking 14 year old. Fuck dead man who left me to deal with this. Fuck dead man who’s gone. Fuck dead man when life seems so hard and pointless without him.

  • Lloyd

    Fuck this.

    Fuck not writing my full name in the name field because I am scared future employees will find it.

    Fuck my job.

    Fuck you.

    Fuck the stupid fucking people I need to tolerate their incompetence.

    Fuck all the commenters who are too holy for this exercise and rationalise it to themselves with some intellectual nonsense.

    Fuck Siddhartha for becoming the Buddha and making me listen to his nonsense.

    Fuck this stupid human existence.

    Fuck my spirit guides for trying to teach me all the time.

    Fuck drugs for taking of the mainstream path.

    Fuck my son for taking up all my time and limiting my options.

    Fuck my yoga teacher for being such a new age hippy and not understanding me.

    Fuck everybody for not understanding me.

    Fuck not seeing my own greatness for all those years.

    Fuck this stupid exercise trying to find more constant bullshit to be angry at.

    Fuck trying to be shocking.

    Fuck being fake.

    Fuck being real.

    Fuck God.

    Fuck trying to find a good way to end this.

    Fuck ending this.

    Fuck not ending this.

  • Sue

    Fuck money. Let’s just burn it all and then take care of eachother :)

  • michaelq3a

    i feel the same. fuck this post.

  • Louis

    Fuck that shity job I hate and make me anxious all days long and fuck me not having the courage to get the hell out ou there and going back to school

  • http://havenone kev

    This is like the fucking lesson on the word FUCK – OSHO had— Fucking great ! Lets copy that fucking shit to.. and make great marketin capitalistic spirituallity! right you all deserve the best and the most of all fucking shit– “Fuck you for being so perfect and fucking me all the time. You’ve raised the bar to an unreasonable level. No human being can live up to this standard.” She is fucking wrong too ! and you know it so stop fucking braging about it! you just had to fucking again tell about your fucking perfect life — Fucking fake it til you make it… Id fuck you both and ud be my fag lover,, or like tyson said it “I fuck you to you love me faggot…” Great fucking rude quote— Let stop fucking pretendig we are worthy of better fucking shit than this! We all deserve it- We fucking made it like it– Cuz we are a fucking buch of life drama addicted little stars… now not being rude and just playing with this Fuck thing ! Im glad ppl fucking read this peace of copied fucking spiritual mumbojumbo crap ! Im glad you do the ungreatfull fucking jobb of teaching others to fucking pretend to… the minute anyone wakes up we all fucking know it… Great fucking mystery! Great fucking consepts and beliefsystems.. Great Fucking trains of taughts not even one being ours… lets just fucking admit we dont have a fucking qlue of whatefuck is going on… Enjoy the fucking ride ! The apocalypse is here– Napoleons and messias Enjoy! Now im fucking sorry for being rude – Fuck all this nordic anger! Fuck this voilent nature – Fuck all passive agressivness making life fucking life ! Fuck the author of this for getting likes and followers and make money and tons of sex reminding the 99% others on the globe what they dont have — Fuck me for wanting all that shit too… Idol.. guro.. teacher… GOD … Oh my fucking god what the hell am i doing ! I fucking know that everything changes and that i fucking dont know shit.. im happy i know something.. ill focus on that happyness… Have a fucking great weekend and life fucking enlightend brothers and sisters ! I both hate and love you all ! I whis you die fucking great ! and that everything continues to be what the fuck it is meant to be.. (ps: Thank you all, this was fucking great – still so much to fuck Up, be, see, do and all that fucking greatness)

  • Just me…

    Notice how much more powerful Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech becomes when you re-write it with “Fuck” –
    ““I have a fucking dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true fucking meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be fucking self-evident: that all men are created equal as fuck.” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of fucking Georgia the sons of former fucking slaves and the sons of former fucking slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of fucking brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the fucking state of Mississippi, a fucking desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into a fucking oasis of fucking freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four fucking children will one day live in a fucking nation where they will not be judged by the fucking color of their fucking skin but by the content of their motherfucking character. I have a fucking dream today.”

    Read more: Excerpt from Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech |

  • Bruce

    Fuck your Christmas tree!
    (this was in response to very aggravating in-laws who were really pissing on my wife. My mother-in-law’s Christmas tree is a good measure of how she portrays herself and places herself in society. Everything’s got to be just so and shiny. Fuck that shit! Clearly this is still kinda fresh for me…)

  • Angelique

    Deep Motherfucking bow brother!

  • Azahara

    FUCK THE SYSTEM, IT’S NOT FUCKING REAL!!! So why do we comply then?

    Fuck our ignorance and our resistance to knowledge, fuck our mediocrity and our rushed predisposition to believe everything attuned to the vibration of FEAR.

    Fuck fear, fear nothing, not even death.

    • Charlie


  • Debra

    FUCK YOU for using Fuck, which is wonderful and happy-making instead of, like the late Lenny Bruce, using un-fuck!

  • Charlie

    Fuck my breast cancer and FUCK ALL CANCER!!!

  • Sarah

    Or instead of doing this…you could focus on the positive things in life instead of encouraging people to be hateful and negative?

  • Alan

    Mike, this is brilliant, simple yet brilliant. And you know what Sarah, I am sick of the positive things in life, they get me down, Fuck em!

    Fuck the international rugby referees who don’t know their arse from their elbow and the word consistency does not exist in their dictionary.

    Fuck always having to be better, do better, for once I would just like to be!

    Fuck all slimy network and internet marketers who take advantage of people by using shiny object syndrome against them.

    Fuck all this mumbo jumbo motivational secret to success bullshit.

    Fuck this shitty life I currently have, I want more!

    Now I think I am going to go into a field somewhere out in the middle of nowhere and scream it at the top of my lungs!

  • Tc

    Fuck my weight.
    Fuck 2 miscarriages.
    Fuck the guilt I feel that I caused one of them.
    Fuck my husband’s betrayal.
    Fuck my father’s betrayal.
    Fuck my mother dying and leaving me alone with him.
    Fuck not believing in myself.
    Fuck Russia and their orphanages.
    Fuck the adoption agency that lied about what happened.
    Fuck children learning how to rape.
    Fuck my children being hurt.
    Fuck the legal system.
    Fuck that I can’t seem to move on.
    Fuck losing my dreams to all the trauma my family went through.

  • Tc

    And thank you. I needed this.

  • Poet

    Fuck societies need for labels. Fuck fear and ignorance. Fuck homelessness. Fuck perfection. Fuck me for always trying to be kind.

  • Phil


  • Stacy

    This is the BEST fucking article ever. I’m sharing this exercise with everyone I know… truly awesome! Thank you thank you :)

  • max

    plz can i mail u about a question about the witnesses..
    my mail is

  • Skeets

    Fuck reading this, way too long

  • Tara

    Love the article very cathartic but

    Fuck I hate that your blog does not render for mobile technologies!

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  • Andy

    I can’t upload it but the song by Jackie Leven “so my soul can sing” says it all for me. If you haven’t heard it check it out

  • miek

    Fuck the police.

  • Alison Wattie

    A friend sent me your post with a note, “I don’t know why but this reminded me of you”, hmmm. Must be my ‘Fuck you you fucking fuck’ T-shirt :) Great post Mike – made my day!

  • Sozo

    How about Fuck Mike Hrostoski for being an attention whore?

  • J Jay Hakler

    Fuck this. Anyone fancy a pint?

  • 1NedSprockethead1

    Really. Is your vocabulary that limited? Nice example. Remind me not to spend any money on you.

  • Wrathful Dharma Protector

    Fuck your use of a picture of a Buddhist monk and equating it to spiritual people. Who the fuck are you to disrespect this tradition where monks renounce material attachments to purify their minds for the benefit of all beings, who thrive on almost nothing and gratefully receive alms from others.
    Fuck your attachment to your old life and wishes to return to a state of ignorance before your exposure to spiritual teachers.
    Fuck all your constant dissatisfaction with life circumstances that you feed with your self-created suffering and lack of equanimity that you just spill onto your clients to hook them to your false promises of fulfillment in future.
    Fuck all the ego stroking and self-confirmation implied in the clever writing in your post and comments.

  • Gaby

    Fuck pseudo spirituality coaches who just read some books and keep regurgitating the same stuff without any original thought!

  • todd russenholt

    Well this book may help you all with anger people

  • kt

    Got it all out? Now do the work to make it a world in which less “fucks” have to be given

  • Jay Harrison


  • Jeff

    Fuck thinking victims are to blame

  • Jeff

    Fuck rent, fuck living in a world were we have to work to sleep indoors. Fuck weak stupid government chumps. Fuck their selfishness and lack of imagination. Fuck cars. Fuck needing a fucking car. Fuck still living in a paradigm were cars are necessary and public transportation is a fucking parody.

  • Triximoon

    FUCK XMAS!!!

  • Joebob Smithinburg

    Fuck the world.

    Fuck society and the greed and destructive nature of capitalism!

    Fuck the foundations of a ‘healthy’ economy as the expense of our planet!

    Fuck the fact I have no idea how to live in the wild so that I can escape all of this!

    Fuck the nations of the world fighting over the world and ‘owning’ land!

    Fuck the white authority that enslave, abused, killed, and raped people of color!

    Fuck white supremacy!

    Fuck this culture of consumerism!

    Fuck the media!

    Fuck the wars all over the world!

    Fuck the PTSD of soldiers and innocent civilians across the planet from said wars!

    Fuck the image of romance brought on from the media and the stories told to me as a kid, reality is not like that, not for me anyway.

    Fuck that I want romantic ‘love’, but I’m not good enough for anyone that I’m interested in, not to mention I came from a broken home and never learned what love really means, if it’s even really real and not just some mammal-mind, illusive bullshit to get us to reproduce!

    Fuck the lies I believed in my life for hope, when they ended up shielding my eyes from this fucking crazy, fucked up world!

    Fuck catty, fake, annoying, bitchy women!

    Fuck douche-bag men!

    Fuck the fact that I’ve lost my hope and that with each passing year I learn more and more about how fucked this world is!

    Fuck me for seeking the ‘truth’ > comfortable illusions!

    Fuck the fact that I don’t know where to turn anymore but drugs and wishful thinking that someday, maybe, I’ll find a life for myself that won’t drive me absolutely insane, or drive me to fuck myself up to death!

    Fuck you to anyone who made fun of me and bullied me while I was a kid, you fucking asshole pieces of shit, FUCK YOU!

    Fuck depression!

    Fuck anxiety!

    This next one was said by another commenter, but FUCK people who first meet you and ask you what you do for a living, not all of us can make a living doing what we love, at least – not yet!

    Fuck it, I’m done here… Thanks.

  • bret

    Fuck my body for making me go through 4 rounds of Cancer, enough!!

    Fuck the medical system for making me hurry up and wait for treatment, me first please!!

    Fuck the blindly ambitious that are the cause of that wait as I can’t afford to pay cash and go to the front of the line.

    Fuck the bed I’m in for not comforting me so I can sleep knowing I have Cancer growing in me.

    Fuck big pharma for trying to make Cancer manageable instead of finding a cure

  • Jeffrey C. Holley

    Fuck living in a world of pretense! And fuck people who don’t go find the truth they yearn for, for themselves.

  • michael

    adding my own, fuck you for your oversimplified idea that simply repeating all the ‘fucks’ one has inside does anything more than give a temporary release

  • GLC219

    Fuck my ex for taking my daughter the whole week of Christmas. Fuck all your judgement. Fuck the bullshit we tell each other to keep from dealing with the real shit. Fuck feeling lonely. Fuck expectations. Fuck repetitive patterns. Fuck the counselor who said she couldn’t help me. Fuck free riders. Fuck your fucking assumptions, you don’t know what’s going to happen and neither do I. Fuck people who aren’t punctual, show some fucking respect for my time. Fuck driving the speed limit. Fuck your messy habits and fuck the pile of clothes, glasses and dishes next to your bed. Fuck divorce. Fuck you for leaving. Fuck office politics. Fuck feeling watched. Fuck the script. Fuck North Korea. Fuck the never ending sales pitch that invades every inch of daily life. Fuck people who take advantage of old folks. Fuck advertising to children. Fuck the grudge you’ve been holding for years now, fucking let it go. Fuck feeling rushed. Fuck feeling overwhelmed. Fuck feeling sad. Fuck feelings.

  • GLC219

    More, so much more. Fuck having a relationship with 6 people, all you new others of ex others can just back the fuck off. Fuck lying to children, it’s not making their life easier. Fuck traffic. Fuck patience. Fuck theives and burglars and people who break and take and steal. Fuck identity theft. Fuck rapists and mysoginists and the culture that says it’s ok. Fuck terrorists. Fuck the elaborate shows we put on to pretend we’re safe. Fuck living in fear. Fuck corporate-speak, real people don’t talk like that. Fuck your rules. Fuck buy-in and process. Fuck apologies and afterwards, just fucking do the right thing. Fuck mental illness, there’s nothing wrong with you. Fuck the blame game.

  • Tempest Hutsell

    Fuck ignorant assholes who don’t grasp the whole concept and see what they want to see

  • Shannon Looper

    I remember when I started martial arts I got the same kind of clearing from beating the crap out of everything I was pissed off at, in the gym. It’s vital to express all emotion instead of suppressing them. Great article!

  • schmo

    fuck DNA. fuck RNA. fuck amino acids. ever since these fucking bastards appeared on this planet, they have ruled with a fucking iron fist. every post, every word, every thought even before you had it is our fucking DNA and genetics talking.

    and until we learn to attain another level of consciousness – one we can’t even imagine right now – we will be forever saying fuck to Monsanto, people who say retard, environmental degradation, toothbrushes, big oil companies, Swiffers, people who don’t try, and every other fucking sub-atomic existence ever. maybe we are just another animal. an animal that has reached a primitive level of consciousness, and after 4 million years – a number our most intelligent evolutionary scientists say is the typical span of existence for a species – we will fucking disappear from this planet.

    i would fucking love to be here to experience an existence without the need to say fuck.

  • Jessie

    Fuck me for being such a nerve wrecking coward.

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  • alison

    this is awesome

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  • connoret99

    Fuck people in general for being close minded, deliberately ignorant pricks who think the universe gives a shit about their existence. Fuck the people who step on someone else’s chance of happiness for their own. Fuck parents that obligate their kids to be someone their not. Fuck the friends who won’t accept you for who you are. Fuck the government and fuck the people who don’t revolt against it. Fuck me for not standing up for myself and wearing all these fucking masks. Fuck this feels good.

  • Myles

    This reminds me of a fringe-famous poem by Malok:

  • Fuck it

    Fuck my life… fuck my depression and how life is so hard and stupid, I want to die I hate not being able to fully feel truly happy ever. Fuck life, Fuck this world, fuck the greedy people that destroy the world for their selfish reasons. Fuck this society we live in. Fuck ignorance. Fuck people who have it easy all the time, who have never tasted depression are so fucking oblivious and ignorant to it.

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  • Leona Devaz

    Great, great post Mike. I laughed so hard in some parts, and nodded agreement in others. I’ve been asked to write about a piece about businesses Marketing to Vulnerable peeps and this is great affirmation.

  • CarnetBleu

    More sex, more money, more freedom. What a shallow motto, don’t you think?

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Not really. Men who have these three areas in control tend to have excess capacity to serve others and are also generally much more pleasurable to be around.

      • CarnetBleu

        I do not find this to be a very constructive message. There are many who simply can’t get either of those things, combined or otherwise. Believing it is expected they “have” these three areas they eventually lose confidence and begin to feel worthless. Similarly, society has expectations from women as well, so much that many run to the doctor and get bags of gel implanted into their chests.

  • Angela Murphy

    Fuck the woman who ran me over with her car 19 yrs ago and fuck all the pain I’ve been in since! I can’t even play with my kids anymore and it’s getting harder to pick up my baby.

  • Angela Murphy

    Duck how difficult it is to get a job when you’re disabled!

  • Angela Murphy

    Fuck spellchecker! I did not mean duck in my last comment

  • Angela Murphy

    Fuck people who say”irregardless”! That is NOT a word

  • Angela Murphy

    Fuck people who get angry with me when I try to help them

  • Angela Murphy

    I can go on all night…

  • Kirsten Dieker-Meehan

    I love and admire anything that “fucks” more than I do!!!

  • Sophia

    OMG Fuck all you people for overanalyzing this post! This is fucking hilarious.

  • ImaginationIQ

    This article is a joke. Not hahaha, but just hype and buzz and no substance. But if you really wanted to be “genuine” you’d utter these out loud, in public, and in people’s faces, on videos, in emails to the objects of YOUR FUCKS, not only to your woman’s face and in the privacy of your own space. You do bring up some good points… but that is all they are… points. It doesn’t change the things you are pissed at. It is just a self-gratifying exercise . You were just constipated with fucks and you shit them all over yourself (yeah that’s real healthy) and I am actually disappointed that as a “Men’s Coach” you don’t have the balls to go all the way and make this a real movement instead of an exercise fear. . Way to hold back, Mike! Words are like magic spells and they are powerful. That’s why its called spelling. If you are screaming out things like “I’ll kill you motherfucker!” or whatever nastiness, the issue is not the repressed anger, it is what is triggering the anger and you aren’t addressing that at on in my opinion… and you’ll say. “Fuck my opinion.” And that’s fine, because that only reinforces my point. Men like me need coaches that are full of LOVE not ANGER. Anger is choice. Love is choice. What are you telling men to choose? I don’t really know.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      LOVE. Most definitely love.

      Sometimes there is so much constipated emotion trapped in their bodies, that it makes it hard to feel anything at all.

      All emotions are good, just like all people are good. Everything about the human experience is good. Any other thought would cause suffering.

      But yeah, I totally agree.

      Love is the everything. :)

  • Cynthia

    Fuck my ex. Fuck his fat girlfriend. Fuck that my kids dont call when tbey are with him. Fuck my oldest for being ungrateful. Fuck post partum depression in my 23 yr old. Fuck my multiple personality disorder that drives me nuts. Fuck my therapist who can’t fix me. Fuck dementia. Fuck that my mom has it and doesn’t know her grandkids. Fuck that she doesn’t know me. Fuck cancer. Fuck my friends who don’t have time for me. Fuck depression.

  • Sarah Guzova

    Fuck the fact that this greed driven American society can kick back and have gluttony induced over priced meals full of frankenfood while innocent humans are killing each other and starving because we have destroyed their natural resources and filled them with lies about how great their lives could be if they adopted the American way. Sometimes I bawl the deepest soul cries because of the lack of respect for mother earth and our brothers and sisters. Fuck the greed!!

  • Kristin Wood

    “Retarded” huh? That’s where I came to a screeching halt. Fuck you for being too lazy to use a word that doesnt damage and marginalize people who can’t defend themselves.

    • js

      what’s the real reason you screeched to a halt ? :-)

  • Alice

    Fuck my asshole, inconsiderate, noisemonger neighbors who have completely ruined my enjoyment of a house that I love!

  • Kendra

    Fuck everyone who was too small to love me back

  • Cruaddon Ap Cruach

    Fuck your use of “rich white men destroying the planet” when the reality is, there are a fuck of a lot of people destroying the planet, not just rich white men.

  • Catch

    Fuck you for using my idea and making it look all cool on your webpage and getting recognized for it ! :)

  • Catch

    In some sessions with people I work with, I add rock throwing to the game and it has the bodily effect of releasing bigger through the action combined with all of the fucks…
    Actually, some of the best healing my son and I have experienced together was when I asked if he would do a ‘fuck you’ ceremony in the desert with me and we screamed out all of our pain and frustration we had held toward each other.



    I DO NOT CONSENT to having any human being, living being, machine, entity, person, corporation, secret group, or their representatives, their bosses, their off world allies, anyone working for or with any of the above: to spy, to look into, to watch, or in any way invade my PRIVACY for any reason. Privacy is defined as: my own unique personal life experience. Each experience, had by my being, is for my personal growth and development. They are NOT for corporations to seek profit from. They are not to be controlled by any one / person / entity / corporation / government / religion / machine / being, except MYSELF. These experiences, which are part of my unique life experience, CAN NOT be used by any other being/human/entity/corporation/group – and any other example of someone or something that is not ME- in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting my living being.

    The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Energy, and Personal Being, MYSELF, for the purpose of buying and selling, or owning is forbidden under any and every term / terminology / language / contract that is being and has been used to control and manipulate my personal Energy and Being. The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Human Body which houses my unique DNA that is MY PRIVATE DOMAIN, for the purpose of buying, selling, owning, or controlling is Forbidden and Banned. The buying, selling, owning, and trading of MY Soul Energy, or MY unique human body on or by any Stock Exchange / financial institution / corporation / government / religious organization in this world or any other world, is expressly Forbidden and Banned. The buying, selling, and owning of MY UNIQUE and Personal DNA / Energy / physical body / Consciousness anywhere in any Universe, Dimension, astral level or world is Forbidden and Banned. The “harvesting” of my energy by any group / organization / corporation / government / religious sect / astral entity / “galactic” being, or ANYONE who is not ME, is Forbidden and Banned. Whatever the form it takes, my energy is my own creation, and I DO NOT CONSENT to having it harvested for others to use, or to profit from. This buying, selling, and controlling, amounts to SLAVERY, and is forbidden by me under my own FREEWILL.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of nanite technology, parasites, or any other type of infectious diseases or infectious technology, whatsoever, whensoever, or wheresoever, now, in the past, or in the future, to be used upon my human physical body, or mind, consciousness or soul, while I am living here on Earth!

    I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY TYPE OF MIND CONTROL, OR THE USE OF INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY IMPLANTS (physical, etherical, or astral), living or non living, to be used on my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, my consciousness or my Soul Body, which could possibly have any affect upon my physical body, mind, consciousness or soul in ANY way, without a current (up to date), fully disclosed and transparently negotiated contract (nothing hidden), and signed by me with a wet ink signature.

    I do not consent to the external creation of dreams when I am asleep. I do not consent to any other human being / corporation / government / religion / entity / machine / dimensional being / entity entering my consciousness on any level, at any time. EVER.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to any type of frequency waves currently being used, or historically used, to target my private and clearly designated unique* human physical, etheric, or astral bodies, my DNA, my cells, or my mind, my consciousness or my soul in any way that is negative or dark. This includes any type of exotic, secret, or covert, Earth based, and off world based technology, (which includes locations on the moon, asteroids, or other undisclosed places being used) that projects pulses, beams, or waves, of any known frequency which has been seen to be detrimental to the human body, mind, consciousness, or soul. * My physical body is unique due to my private ownership of my own DNA.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to using fluoride in the drinking water, nor to genetically modifying the food grown and sold for human use.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to aerosol sprays being placed into the air I breath, nor to programming being inserted into music that I listen to.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to programming placed into the television and video images I watch without a separate signed contract for each item listed above.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to the negative manipulation of the weather, nor to the poisoning of the Earth, because I know that these acts are harmful and unhealthy to ME.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of psychics, black occult magicians, archons, demons and dark spirits, or any entities, using mental energies or any other forms of frequency attack against my living being or bodies.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to exotic, machine like, robotic technology either physically or ethereally, or astrally implanted, used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect, or harm my body, my mind, my astral body, my consciousness or my soul at any time, at any place, for any reason.

    I DO NOT CONSENT to any deception being used on my living being at any time, any where, which creates ANY negative outcomes concerning the health and welfare of my own personal body, mind and soul (also known as my own personal living being), or to my Free Will, my prosperity, my wealth, or my happiness, (also described as my life). I AM using my free will, to DECLARE AND ORDER THAT NO ONE has the right to deceive me personally in a way that affects me negatively. NO TREATY made with any human being / corporation / government / religion / entity / machine, whether on or off this planet, IS VALID, if that Contract or Treaty in any way affects my life, or my body, mind, consciousness or soul in a measurably negative and dark way
    NO TREATY made by anyone, anywhere is valid, if it collaterally affects my living and breathing being, my life, my happiness, or my prosperity in a dark, or negative way without my full and comprehensive and transparent consent to said or stated Treaty, even if I personally am not party to such a treaty. This includes all corporate treaties and contracts as well as any treaties or contracts considered to be OFF WORLD and/or Interdimensional.

    I remove all CONSENT to deception, harm, enslavement, or control of my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, my consciousness or my Soul Body, period.

    Any previous Contracts or perceived Consents- through any form of tacit or assumed Consent- is completely void and null, Forbidden and Banned.

    Any Pre-birth incarnation, by any description, contracts are all, here and NOW, made permanently NULL and VOID as a result of gross deception, gross violation, trickery, mind-control, and black magic occult practices being used without my consent.

    NO CONTRACT, I have signed or agreed to, either in writing or as an assumed or tacit agreement, as concerns incarnations, in any way, shape or form, upon the Earth is Valid, regardless of any perceived amount of time or space, physical, dimensional or other wise, has transpired since that original contract or agreement was begun.

    NO previous consent or contract given, if done under duress, and as a result of deception, and without fully being informed of the possible outcomes, is considered valid.

    Any person / being / corporation / government / religion / entity / machine / consciousness that wishes to have a contract with ME, my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, my consciousness or my Soul Body, MUST Do so in complete transparency, with every single piece of that contract / consent explained in full detail, with absolutely no missing information or obligations left unstated or unexplained, and MUST be written out in full, with my fully conscious approval and wet ink signature.


    If any such things as listed above are being done, or ever were done, then those acts occurred without my consent, and will be considered deception, and are VOID and NULL. All “tacit” or presumed consent by me, for any act of doing, done by another person, entity, being, etc…, that affects ME in any way that I perceive as negative, harming or controlling my FREE WILL, what so ever is hereby now permanently removed, and challenged, and denied. It is denied to any and all beings or entities UNLESS a CURRENT CONTRACT or TREATY has been negotiated with me personally.

    Notice to agent is notice to principal. Notice to principal is notice to agent.
    No further NOTICE is necessary, and this is NOW both WRITTEN and RECORDED on This Planet Earth / Gaia and in all off world / dimensional / Universal records.

    If any Human / Being / Entity / Government / Religion / Corporation / Group, from this planet Earth / Gaia, any dimension, any universe, any perceived “other” level of existence, wishes to form any contracts or agreements or treaties with ME, they must Do so face to face, in this physicality that my human body resides in on this planet, in full acknowledgement and agreement of my FREE WILL to Choose to do so, only under the agreements written in this declaration.

    I have the Right of FREE WILL to change, update or modify this Declaration at any time.…/unity-of-non-consent-re…/

  • GCT

    FUCK every single thing about religion, FUCK evangelists, FUCK priests who molest little boys, FUCK the fucktards who can’t think for themselves, FUCK the bible, FUCK the Quran, FUCK Joseph Smith, FUCK the Easter bunny, FUCK stupid bronze age fucking bullshit that doesn’t remotely apply anymore. FUCK the Church for not paying Taxes, FUCK all the poor shmucks who believe in fairy tales and at their last moments life still believe in the bullshit that hasn’t and will not anything to help them. Free your mind, reason and logic.

  • Cheryl

    (Looking at you Kristin McAteer!)
    FUCK DATING MEN AND FINDING OUT THEY ARE MARRIED(Looking at Bob Mullins and Chuck Cavanaro)


  • Aromatique

    Thank you Mike I love this!!!

  • 02Dave12345

    When I saw the title I was ready to put on my Zen hat and disagree because I don’t see any point to anger much of the time and I have managed to get rid of much of it over the years, anger is so exhausting. However, your article converted me. Very fun game and yes, I do have lots of ‘fuck this and that’ bottled up.

  • Tiffany Granmo

    Fuck me for not being brave enough to let my Fucks from 3 am stand and instead I deleted.
    Fuck sleepless nights and the heartbreak that caused it in the first place. Fuck the man I have loved for nearly half of my life that can’t seem to talk with or fuck me. Fuck not talking to my partner because I am scared he will leave me. Again. Fuck not wanting to be alone. Fuck my friend who feels hopeless because the “boy” she likes doesn’t like her in the same way. Fuck her some more because she doesn’t see the other guy that says, Hey, I am right here.
    Fuck my kids for being dicks sometimes, and fuck me for not appreciating them more when they aren’t. Fuck my first born for being such a spineless little shit and not standing his ground for me. Fuck my mom, fuck her addiction to booze, and anything else so she didn’t have to feel or deal like the rest of us. Fuck her husband of nearly 25 years that enabled her. Fuck her funeral that I wasn’t allowed to go to because of his pain or whatever the fuck. Fuck my ex, #2, NOT #1, and his momma! Miserable fucks that they are. Fuck him for the psychological torment to me and my fucking kids. Fuck me for letting him. Fuck her for calling my daughter stupid. Fuck her a skosh bit more for being envious of my badass relationship with my kids. Not my fucking problem that you suck. At life. Fuck Off.
    Fuck me for not standing up for myself, and fuck all the ones that should have and didn’t. Fuck the many that didn’t support me, fuck the few that did.
    Fuck my man for showing up to get me, and plenty more fucks to give.

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  • Steve

    Fuck you for implying that white men are the only kind of rich people fucking over the planet.

  • Dave Kehnast

    This is garbage. Seriously. Get a little more inventive, please. Fuck all this mess.

  • Marylin

    Fuck autism, making me so damn sensitive to the word “retard”. And for the lack of sleep. And my son not being able to talk in a way that’s understandable at nearly 8 years old.
    Fuck not being able to get a sitter because he can be so challenging.
    Fuck his father for bolting as soon as the phrase “I think he has autism” was uttered.
    Fuck his school for the years that they thought I was an unfit mother when instead I was just fucking exhausted from being woken at 2am for the FUCKING DAY by him jumping on me or hitting or kicking me or trying to stand on my head.
    Fuck autism for the frustrations it causes my son and I on a daily basis, and for the extra stress it puts on his older brother daily.
    Fuck autism for making me hyperaware at ALL TIMES and never able to switch off.
    Fuck autism for meaning I can’t take our family out to do normal fucking things like go to the zoo or to the supermarket (same thing? lol) without a shit ton of preparation and not being able to focus on anything but him the whole time we’re out.
    Fuck autism for being in our lives.
    (I could also say a shit load about the good things but that’s not what this is about, so fuck it – getting it all out!)

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  • Janet O’Donoghue

    I adore this post. One of the best I have ever read. If you are a
    sensitive family viewer then don’t fucking read nay further!!!! You
    have been fucking warned. Fuck asshole men who use their ingrained
    sense of entitlement to fuck women (and their children) over. Fuck you
    motherfuckers so hard it shakes your fucking egos loose and allows it to
    fuck out with your next ejaculation, speculation, masturbation whatever
    floats your fucking boat. Aaaah. That just feels so goooooood!
    Fuck gratitude too – it is the fucking EFFECT of being authentic, not
    something that can be used to create, manipulate, dominate or any other
    fucking ate. Fuck lying and that includes being consistent with our word
    i.e. say what you mean and mean what you fucking say. I am fucking
    over having hot air blown up my ass. I believe not a single word I
    hear. Fuck hearing. Fuck seeing. Fuck everything. And yes, I’d truly
    love to be fucking right now. Actually, I think I’ll just go fuck

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  • Kendall Pipkin

    Fuck You, you fucking fuck.

  • js

    fuck self defeating thoughts. Fuck my relentless self non-acceptance. Fuck sitting on the fence. Fuck holding back. Fuck thinking I’m not good enough. Fuck not letting myself see possibilities. Fuck standing on the other side of the window looking in. Fuck living another second like this. Fuck saying I can’t about everything my heart wants. Fuck thinking. Fuck excuses. Fuck other peoples uninformed judgement. Fuck me not taking responsibility. Fuck me seeking comfort. Fuck my pain avoidance. Fuck my seeking of certainties and destinations. Fuck the bad ideas about myself I learned growing up. Fuck guilt and shame. Fuck thinking vulnerability is weak. Fuck hiding. Fuck not having acceptance for each other. Fuck not being understood. Fuck the carnival of paths promising to be ways to a better life that are someone else’s journey and don’t apply to me. Fuck thinking that I need a leader more than leading myself. Fuck not entering places I fear to enter. Fuck not being able to let go of what I can’t see I need to let go of, so I can take hold of what I can’t see I need to take hold of. So Fuck my blindness. Fuck that everything I’m saying fuck to is rooted in itself and I’m stuck in a circle of fuck. Fuck that I want to delete all this because I feel that expressing myself is incoherent, meaningless and futile, and fuck that I care being judged any number of a long list of names and descriptions of what this says about my state of mind to other people, so that I’m further reinforcing the fucking non-acceptance that I want to fuck caring about.

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  • kazerniel

    “I’m only a victim when I choose to be.”

    Fuck you for your victim blaming :/

  • Gary Grant

    Rebellion is the flip side of pandering. It’s another unbalanced compulsion.
    My two cents.

  • Lo

    Fuck your bullshit conversation

  • Linda Cockburn

    I worked my butt off at a job, worked all hours, many of them past midnight to help a community. Everyone thought I was great and were grateful and acknowledged my personal commitment. It was a paid position, but I put 10 times as much energy into making the damn thing shine and after 4 years I buckled and badly needed a rest.

    I asked for time off unpaid and they cut off communication, I lost the job, with one person saying I had been abusive (so totally not the case – that still hurts). I watched Stephen Fry’s doco on language and how swearing reduced physical pain, so I decided I’d try it for spiritual. I upped it to the C word too, which I had never used. It was such a social more to me that could not be crossed. But I did. It was fantastic and freeing and I used those words nearly every sentence for months on end (at home) and it worked, I’d go from anger to laughing within a sentence. And while I never used the words AT someone, they helped abate the anger and hurt to a level I could deal with.

  • amber g

    Fuck people who complain all the time, it’s fucking ANNOYING. Make a change or SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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  • Samanda Marie

    Wow……so many fucks I agree with……. The religion one{I’ve soooo been there} the food one……. Here are a few of mine:
    Fuck people who use “family” as an excuse to try to control others because “they love them and only want the best”,
    Fuck having no backbone to stand up to them, and thus, fearing the real you will make people run away
    Fuck what others say; I know whom I’m in love with, and it’s NOT just a mere obsession!!
    Fuck not thinking I sing well; I enjoy it, I’m not tone deaf, and a friend (and her bf, and his mother) have all said that it’s not bad, and very unique
    And Fuck for automatically assuming people are out there thinking ‘unique doesn’t mean good’
    Fuck autocorrect. So hard.
    Fuck this little belly I have; it’s not helping, and it’s definitely hindering
    Fuck worrying what others think
    And Fuck the thought that being a bit dramatic is a bad thing; art mirrors life, life can be dramatic
    Fuck the fact that I’m writing all this, but still holding the actual fucks in
    And Fuck the phrase, “No fucks were given”. That phrase, in it’s many different ways of saying, always makes me laugh, and cheer.
    Fuck Los Angeles, because when I needed it most, someone stuck an “Unfuk yourself” sticker on an air conditioner. Thank you random person. Thank you so fucking much.

    Fuck out, y’all~ <3

  • Katrina Rain Song

    Yes!!! I loved this piece! Funny thing, I actually made a video last month with things I wanted to say “Fuck” to…

  • Theresa Pugh

    I like the word fucktard! Fuck mean, petty and spiteful people. Fuck people with no compassion…Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck! 😉

  • Safaia

    Fuck people who use the word Pussy to mean weak! Fuck not saying exactly wha tI think when i think it for fear of hurting someone. Fuck fear and the bad choices it causes people to make. Fuck not having my two soul sisters living close to me right now and fuck my cats never being happy on the side of the door they are on.

    • Safaia

      Also fuck my four year old yelling at me about idiotic stuff and having to be nice and calm because she is a baby and trying to adjust to the work. Yes I understand but its not fucking easy. Fuck that. And Fuck her crazy strong lungs!!

  • Going Coastal

    Late to the party but fuck this article for making me sit up and take notice!

  • KingAdrock

    Is this supposed to be cathertic? You know catharsis is a myth right?

  • Rebecca Hiles

    Fuck the able bodied white people in the comments trying to justify their use of words that a community has expressed discomfort* with.

    *discomfort with anyone outside of their community using.

  • Robert Evans

    This is a pretty negative and detractive way to look at things in my opinion.

  • Frank Lyford

    Fuck pipple hoo daunt pruufreed there posts.

  • Greg Boudle

    Fuck people who criticize the language as a way to avoid the truth

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  • Chandra

    thats brilliant..thank you…or should i more correctly say “fuck you”

  • Paj Kane

    Fuck Crystal Geyser for wanting to take our precious water and put it in a plastic bottle and further pollute our precious earth!

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  • Kevin Havens

    Here’s a couple.
    Fuck Big Pharma for selling poison and keeping alternatives out of the reach of people.
    Fuck big companies for making the Internet in the US suck ass.
    And finally… Fuck Microsoft. Fuck them for their shitty Windows 10 OS, their tablet-style UI even ON DESKTOPS, and fuck them for telling OEMs that they cannot install Linux for customers.

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  • Heidi

    uh huh, it can get ridiculous, fucking it all…then you laugh at yourself. But genuine anger is more than just saying “fuck it”…the real thing is to be felt and raged against (not necessarily getting your rage all in their faces, but nothing wrong with being REALLY angry at a person who did you wrong)…once you’ve gone through it, you can leave it behind, and remove its power to hurt you.

  • veggiegrrrl

    fuck you, animal eaters.

  • BlackJack

    I love how so many of you only seem to care that he used the word retarded (the horror…gasp!) and are completely over-reacting and forgeting the actual point of the article. So with that said Fuck over-sensitive social justice warriors / thought police for trying to shame and lay guilt on everyone for anything that may not meet their standard of political correctness. Enjoy your fucking sad lives.

  • Phil M

    Fuck you for being right

  • mel

    Fuck you people who use “retarded” as an insult.

  • Lametrayadora

    Yes to all of this Fuckery. Thank you, for your courage and for helping me with mine.

  • Suzuki35

    I use to think its wrong to use the word retarded and now I do all the time. it is because it MEANS STUNTED GROWTH and there is no other word for people today. they are spiritually retarded and also known as “fucktards” it fits its ok. it has nothing to do with biologically retarded and if people don’t understand that they are retarded. it doesn’t hurt feelings. unless you let it. I cant babysit humanity anymore with semantics. grow the fuck up fucktards. we are tired of being pansies waiting for y’all to stop your fucktardedness. its over.make a shocked face so we can get on with our lives. thank you. youre not that important shut the fuck up. you “nice” people are the BIGGEST BULLIES THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN AND WE ARE NOT BUYING IT ANYMORE. you show your true instant serpent lashings out anytime anyone corrects you or “disobeys” you on any issue because YOURE SCARED and that’s how you retain a show of power. fucking sick vomit.

  • disqus_nDgyx2OEUQ

    Fuck Facebook, twitter, instagram, and every form of social media!!! Fuck it!!!! Fuck it!!! I don’t need another fucking barcode!!!!!! Fuuuuuuucccccckkkk!!!!!!!!!! Fuck organized religion!!!! It was started by politicians!!!! Fuck the people that stopped pagan society and took away the true spiritual guides like shrooms, Dmt, and payote!!!! Fuck the people that require Facebook to leave what you think! Fuck me, for not knowing how to find peace!!! I own a home and have a family, so I’m not some little bitch living with his mother!!!! I’ll fucking go crazy sooon!!! Alex, who left a post 3 years ago, fuck you little bitch!!! You’re the retarded bitch!!! Fuck your mother!

  • disqus_nDgyx2OEUQ

    Come at me!

  • Leckey Harrison

    Fuck pacifism. Fuck fear. Fuck those who use fear on others. Fuck white nationalism. Fuck those that don’t think for themselves. Fucked for starting so late in life. Fuck the DNC. Fuck the loyalists. Fuck ManU. Fuck. Fuck moralists. Fuck Christianity. Fuck monotheism. Fuck the middle men. Fuck again. Fuck monogamy. Fuck marriage. Fuck me. Fuck pollution. Fuck trauma. Fuck liars. Fuck PTSD. Fuck domestic violence. Fuck yet again. Fuck war.

  • Chris

    Fuck all who have expectations of me, or anyone. Fuck my expectations of being un-accepting of anyone.

    I’m not getting a verification email, fuck that.

  • The Truth

    What a bunch of Retards on this topic.

  • Jamie Elizabeth Crook

    Fuck you laptops for both dying at the same time with all my fucking photos and documents that I need.
    Fuck you money for stopping me doing anything and everything I want to do.
    Fuck you family where the fuck are you?
    Fuck you Murdoch for brainwashing much of the Western world with your crap
    Fuck you Turnbull for taking away my human rights
    Fuck you all for not giving a shit enough to care for those who have no support
    Fuck fuck fuck fuc..I could say way to much lol

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Fuck fucking. Just for fuck’s sake.

  • sandwich

    Fuck warm lunch boxes.

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