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Lean In… Most People Are Cowards

Lean In

Lean In.

Most people are cowards.

When it looks like there’s nothing left in the relationship… lean in.

When your son asks you that question that terrifies you because you don’t know the answer… lean in.

When your wife is furious at you and all you want to do is run away… lean in.

When you’re on the sixth set of sprints and all you want to do is quit… lean in.

When you’re upset at your friend and it would be easier to just never talk to them again… lean in.

When that gorgeous woman walks by at Whole Foods and terror and sexual arousal simultaneously flood your body… lean in.

When your parents still tell you what to do even though you’re in your thirties and all you want is to never talk to them again, but you know it would help to have a conversation about boundaries… lean in.

When your client is being a pain in the ass and testing all of your boundaries and limits as an entrepreneur… lean in.

When you’re terrified of taking the leap, but you know that spending another day in your miserable life will crush your soul… lean in.

When you’ve spent all of your life being a doormat and the sheer idea of conflict makes you start to sweat and panic… lean in.

When you’ve given it everything you got, but you’re still days, weeks, or months away from the finish line… lean in.

When you get put on the spot and you’ve never given a speech like this before in a room full of people like this… lean in.

When you’re in a room full of strangers and your social anxiety starts creeping back in like you just took a time machine back to high school… lean in.

When your sexual desires start to lead you into uncharted territory and there is no longer a roadmap for how to love like this… lean in.

When your partner asks you to be a certain way in the bedroom that you’ve never been before and it feels like a Yes in your body, but it’s also a little terrifying to bring that kind of energy to your sexual practice… lean in.

When you’ve made a huge mistake and you’re clearly out of integrity with someone who you love dearly and you have a choice to keep it a secret or continue to live the rest of your life like a coward… lean in.

When you’re hanging out with one of your guy friends and you realize how much you love him and you want to tell him that, but it makes you feel uncomfortable because of what you’ve been taught about how affectionate men are allowed to be towards each other… lean in.

When you’ve been emotionally and mentally abused by the religion that you grew up in and you never want to hear the word “God” again, but you know that there is still something there for you to explore… lean in.

When your aging parent doesn’t even recognize you anymore and you’re not sure if it’s even worth visiting them anymore… lean in.

When death has ripped everything out from under you and all you want to do is hide in your home and guard your heart with all of your life so you never have to feel pain like that again… lean in.

When you look at your newborn baby’s eyes for the first time and a million reasons go off in your head of why you should run, why you’re not ready, or how you’re going to mess this up… lean in.

When you’ve had fight after fight after conflict after conflict and you don’t know if either of you can survive this relationship any longer… lean in.

When you’ve launched one business idea after another and by sheer luck and determination you’ve managed to stay afloat and not go under, but you’re not sure just how much longer you can tread water anymore… lean in.

When life hands you a pile of shit and giving up would be so much easier… lean in.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and think “I don’t know if I can take another day of this,” lean in.

Most people are cowards.

That’s ok.

Love them anyway.

But lean in to that which makes you uncomfortable and the world will be yours.

Or continue being a victim and keep pretending that you’re not in the driver’s seat of your life.

The choice is yours.

Want to get different results in life but don’t know how?

You know where to find me.


PS – The biggest kind of coward is the person who gets easily offended by what other people share in their creative self-expression and who allows the words of another human being from thousands of miles away ruin their entire day. Just imagine, some people actually let the word “coward” ruin their entire day after seeing it in print like this. Don’t be a victim. Be a king. Love big and take shit from no one.

PPS – I Love You. Do something. Be happy.

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  • Rich Hilton

    Haha love this escpecially the part at the end about the biggest kind of pussy. I’ve been dealing with this lately with sharing what’s on my mind in video, sharing what’s REAL, not trying to filter myself. I’ve gotten negative feedback from family telling me I’m cursing too much, it’s a reflection of my self worth, take it off my facebook, what would my girlfriends family think and other people think. I have facebook “friends” trying to give me “advice” on how I should run my business that kind of pisses me off. The whole point why I’m sharing these videos is to NOT GIVE A FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK. It’s created suffering for too long.

    It’s tough to deal with these “opinions” but I continue to LEAN IN.

  • Melissa Danielle

    Pussies: 8,000 nerve endings devoted to pleasure, self-cleaning, push out big ol’ heads. Can we get a new word please?

    • Iam ThatIam

      YES. God, the subtle (or not so subtle) misogyny. SMH. If you’re looking to give women pleasure, Micheal, this is definitely not the way to do it. I challenge you to literally put yourself in a woman’s shoes for a month. Then come back here and claim pussy power instead of pussy dis-em-power.
      As for verbiage, cowards would have worked just fine.