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David Made An Album In One Evening

Channelled With Love

In the past four years, I’ve witnessed a lot of magic firsthand.

I’ve ridden bicycles with shamans from Guatemala and felt myself melting into the fabric of the universe.

I’ve seen countless clients and friends double, triple, even 10x their income in less than two years (You guys know who you are… Congrats!).

I’ve experienced a lifetime of emotions in one week at Burning Man.

But tonight was a little hard to fathom even for me.

At 8:30pm David, Cherie, and I had an idea to record an entire album in one night.

Mostly David since he’s the one with the tremendous musical talent.

We created one song.

And then another.

And then another.

And then another.

And they kept getting better and better.

And deeper and deeper.

Until we had 14 of them.

All one take wonders.

A couple of them almost made me cry as I was watching the divine improv play out before my eyes.

We are posting these to give you permission to do whatever the hell your heart desires.

This is…

“Channelled With Love.”

We love you.


XX. Introduction – 1:35 –


00. Freedom Family – 1:41 –


01. Birds Are Words – 3:52 –


02. Guitar Dog – 2:10 –


03. Suppressed Laughter – 2:29 – 


04. Freedom Family (Remix) – 1:39 –


05. Birds Are Words (Remix) – 0:56 –


06. Guitar Dog (The Action Movie) – 2:11 – 


07. Suppressed Laughter (Remix) – 2:34 –


08. Are You There – 3:29 –


09. Pierced (A Duet) – 3:54 – 


10. This Is Life (Feat. Michael Hrostoski) – 2:32 –


11. God Help Me (Feat. Cherie Smart) – 4:44 –


12. Fail Not (Interlude) – 0:08 –


13. Just Be – 3:39 –


YY. Behind The Scenes – 1:14 –


Everything is made up.

There are no rules.

Go make something beautiful.

We love you.

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You are brilliant. You are powerful. You have everything you need.

And you got this!

At this point in time, you have two choices…

Faith or Fear.

Which will it be?


PS – Teddy knows best…

The Man In The Arena

  • Nathan Coury

    Hell yeah! Love this so much. You guys rock. Soooooo gooooood. #DivinelyChannelledMusic

  • Stephanie Lisa Kelly

    This is fucking brilliant! I am totally in love with Suppressed Laughter 😀 Thanks for the radical permission.x