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I Am No Longer The Man In Those Blog Posts

Wow. I just logged into WordPress to make a couple of changes to some small pieces of my website. And I realized that the man that wrote all of those… Read On

2014 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review: Celebrations and Challenges

2014 was a whirlwind of new adventures, new frontiers, and new levels of consciousness. I’m think I’m still having trouble integrating all of it. I took a look at my… Read On

When Inspiration Calls

When Inspiration Calls

6:25am. Bangkok, Thailand. She’s done it again. She’s visited me in my dreams and pulled me from a deep sleep. She’s pulled me from the pillow that I laid my head… Read On

Annual Review 2013

2013 Annual Review: Getting Back To The Basics

This year was insane. And to be honest, I’ve been having a little trouble lately receiving all of the goodness in my life. Two years ago to this day, I… Read On

10 Articles Every Man Should Read

12 Articles Every Man Should Read

The problem with the Internet is that the barriers to entry of starting a website are virtually nothing. Which means anyone can buy a domain, get hosting, and start putting… Read On