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You Are Not My Responsibility

You Are Not My Responsibility

It happens to the best of us. Nurses, healers, social entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, moms. We try and take on the world’s problems. We try and take on the world’s pain… Read On


Let’s Take This Shit Outside

You’re in a crowded nightclub. A guy bumps into you, spilling your drink all over you. You’re there with your girlfriend. You have to look cool, right? You can’t let… Read On


You Need Healthier Friends

Take your five best friends and take an average of their salaries and that’s how much money you likely make (or so the old saying goes). For the most part… Read On


The Spontaneous Marathon: A Marathon With No Training

This Wednesday morning I ran a marathon. With no training. In a city where there isn’t a flat stretch of land any longer than a couple hundred feet. It wasn’t… Read On


I Think I’ll Run A Marathon Today

Today is Wednesday, February 15. It’s around 10:15am. I’m currently in one of my favorite cities in the country: Asheville, North Carolina. I think I’ll run a marathon today. 26.2… Read On