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Fuck What Your Parents Think

Fuck What Your Parents Think For The Sake Of The World

This is a topic that has been coming up recently in conversations with friends and clients. Maybe it was the holiday season. Or maybe I just hang out with a… Read On

2014 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review: Celebrations and Challenges

2014 was a whirlwind of new adventures, new frontiers, and new levels of consciousness. I’m think I’m still having trouble integrating all of it. I took a look at my… Read On

Im A Successful Entrepreneur And Im Terrified Of Running Out Of Money

I’m A Successful Entrepreneur And I’m Terrified Of Running Out Of Money

I’ve had this blog post sitting in my heart for the past several months. It’s been sitting so ever present in my body, blocking my creativity and holding me back… Read On

I Am A Man And This Is My Vow

I Am A Man And This Is My Vow

I am a man. And this is my vow. I will show up. Like no man ever has before. I will be the hero of my life story. I will… Read On


The Magic Bullet To Doubling Your Productivity And Accessing Peak Bliss States

You were looking for a magic bullet? Wrong blog my friend. But here’s some advice that I’m giving myself today that you can feel free to listen to if it… Read On