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2012 Annual Review: Did That Just Happen?

Staring head into the last few days and nights of 2012, I can’t help but feel a great sense of gratitude for the past year. I spent part of the… Read On

Nonstop Awesomeness

In the past I’ve had some awesome nights. I’ve also had some awesome days. On a rare occasion I had some awesome weeks. But never have I had a stretch of… Read On

Today’s 7000 Dollar Impulse Purchase

Today I signed up for Martha Beck’s life coach training program starting in June. It costs $7000. It’s going to rock. And I’ll be knocking off a HUGE personal goal… Read On

The Spontaneous Marathon: A Marathon With No Training

This Wednesday morning I ran a marathon. With no training. In a city where there isn’t a flat stretch of land any longer than a couple hundred feet. It wasn’t… Read On

I Think I’ll Run A Marathon Today

Today is Wednesday, February 15. It’s around 10:15am. I’m currently in one of my favorite cities in the country: Asheville, North Carolina. I think I’ll run a marathon today. 26.2… Read On