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Your First Sale


There’s something about your first sale that you’ll never forget.

I remember the first time a client actually PAID me for my coaching services. Hard to believe that it was less than twelve months ago.

I remember sitting in Angela Lauria’s house at her dining room table and she helped me send out PayPal invoices for the first time to all of my Pay-What-You-Can-Afford clients from January.

I remember being so afraid to send out the invoices.

I asked her, “What if I’m charging too much? Maybe I should give some of them a discount.”

She told me something to the likes of, “You’re not charging them the money for you. You’re giving them the opportunity to fully invest in their transformation.” Which I realize is true now that I’ve coached enough clients to tell the difference between how a pro bono client shows up compared to how a paying client shows up.

When the first payment notification from PayPal came through on my iPhone I remember thinking, “Holy shit! That actually worked!”

In that moment I thought, “This whole entrepreneur thing just might work after all!”

When Samuel Hershberger bought The One in August I felt the same way. “I don’t believe that worked?! $5000?” Seeing that he was in the same house at the same time I walked over to him and gave him a big hug. It’s a hug that I’ll never forget.

When bought the first ticket to The Conference For Men I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio shouting out “” in that scene that we all know so well.

I actually went outside Sam’s apartment in Oceanside and stood up on the balcony railing like an MMA fighter who just knocked his opponent out and roared like a lion as I watched the waves crash onto the beach.

I will never, ever, ever for the rest of my life forget that moment. So thank you Robert.

Then tonight Kyle, Nicky, and I sent out our six invitations to EXECUTE after doing multiple rounds of interviews with over a dozen amazing candidates.

Some of those people are already saying Yes to the future of their businesses.

And in the privacy of our Basecamp project we went nuts and did a little virtual touchdown dance.


Mmm, the first sale. So yummy.

Like your first kiss.

Or the first time you drive a car.

Or the first time you have sex.

At the age of 32 I feel so remarkably lucky to have these firsts on a regular basis. To be able to be this excited… about anything.

But it’s because I choose to push through the layers of being uncomfortable to get there.

And I’m in no way in any rush at all to “get to the top.” I’m too busy enjoying the journey and the little wins along the way.

  • Max Nachamkin

    Mmm the feeling of firsts…always so good 😉

    And congrats on Execute! I love that your so transparent about your business/life.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t be. But then I think, “What if this helps someone do something THEY want to do for the first time?” Then I hit publish.

  • Jack Peterson

    Mike. Fucking awesome, brother. I love it!

  • Robert Domingo

    Much love brother! The conference is motivation for me to step up my game in all areas. Thanks for coaching me by how you live your life.

  • Kevin Cole

    That first sale one year ago showed me that anything is possible. I realized how small my goals were and started dreaming big. Definitely a game changer man.

    Congrats on so many amazing firsts. Plenty more where that came from.

  • Max Mendoza

    Super grateful for you experiencing this & sharing this story. All the best!

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